Yamaha debuts new social media remote cheering system in Japan
newsonjapan.com -- Jun 22
Yamaha Corporation offers a wide variety of products and services. It is the biggest piano manufacturing firm globally.

Japan suspended all sports events in February, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Yamaha recently announced that it carried out a field test of a "Remote Cheerer system."SoundUD powered it at Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA. Here is an insight into Yamaha's social media remote cheering system.

Yamaha's Remote Cheerer

Most stadiums worldwide have been empty since February, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Recently, some nations' sports federations allowed certain sporting events to return, on condition that sports organizers won't allow fans inside stadiums. Yamaha's engineers and designers invented a new social media system that will offer sports fans a thrilling viewing experience. The Japanese company tested its Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD a few weeks ago, at the Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA.

Remote Cheerer will gamify sports fans' behavior in stadiums. SoundUD Consortium applied several technologies to develop the Remote Cheering System. It will allow fans to watch games on television or live stream them to be heard from arena seats and stadiums, as they support their favorite players and teams.

You can use a dedicated app to send your cheers to a stadium as a particular game continues. The system requires you to tap on a smartphone to air your salutation through speakers fixed in a sports venue. Sports fans can pick a specific part of the stadium from where they would like to send their cheers. Yamaha placed 58 speakers around the Shizuoka Stadium while testing the Remote Cheerer. The stadium had many app users who sent boos and applause into arena seats.

Yamaha recognizes that cheering is essential in sports such as baseball, basketball, cricket, football, rugby, and volleyball. It developed the Remote Cheerer to keep entertaining fans despite the ongoing coronavirus restrictions in Japan. Remote Cheerer can be applied in different scenarios. But, Yamaha tested it while focusing on indoor matches that are played in empty stadiums. It was its first time to use the new social media remote cheering system outdoors and it offers some fans an experience of how it works.

Remote Cheerer creates a spectator atmosphere like that in fully packed stadiums. It will help match organizers to transmit cheers without obstructing announcements and venue facilities. Yamaha is aiming at promoting the remote cheering system to deliver cheering in various situations including games without fans and those with reduced spectator seating.

The system will accommodate spectators who are held up with house chores and those in hospitals. Yamaha stated that it is focusing on collaborating with clubs, leagues, fans, and players to improve Remote Cheerer.

Yamaha Corporation developed a new social media cheering system in May 2020 which SoundUD powered. It collaborated with Shimizu S-Pulse and Jubilo Iwata. The company is inventing new ways through which sports fans can win games despite not being present in stadiums. The cheering system will make the arena and stadium seats lively. Yamaha believes that it will help in preventing the spread of coronavirus amongst spectators.

News source: newsonjapan.com
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