Olympus to sell digital camera business
NHK -- Jun 25
Japanese optical technology company Olympus says it will sell its imaging business, which includes its digital camera division. The decision comes as it is losing its market share to smartphones.

The company says it is splitting off its imaging business, which is over 80 years old, and will sell it to Japan Industrial Partners.

The two sides are aiming to sign a final contract by September 30 and complete the transaction by the end of this year.

Olympus developed a photographic lens in 1936, using technology for microscopes, and has operated its camera business for decades.

But the rapid spread of smartphones has shrunk its digital camera market and the firm's imaging business posted operating losses for three consecutive fiscal years through this March.

Olympus plans to concentrate its resources on medical equipment and other fields where it has an advantage.

It says a newly established company will take over the brand of digital cameras and will provide support to customers.

An industry organization says worldwide digital camera shipments last year came to about 15.21 million, down sharply from the peak in 2010, when more than 120 million units were shipped.

オリンパスが80年以上の歴史を持つカメラ部門の売却を発表しました。  オリンパスは赤字が続いていたデジタルカメラなどの映像事業部門を分社化したうえで、投資ファンドに売却します。今年9月末までに最終契約を結び、年内の売却を目指すとしています。オリンパスはミラーレスタイプの一眼カメラをいち早く市場に投入するなど、特徴ある製品で存在感を示しましたが、スマートフォンの普及を背景に映像事業部門は3年連続で赤字を計上していました。今後は、収益の柱となっている内視鏡カメラなど、医療分野への投資を加速させたい考えです。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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