Official events at Imperial Palace resume
NHK -- Jun 25
Official events have resumed at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo for the first time in about three months, with measures in place to prevent coronavirus infections.

On Wednesday, Emperor Naruhito received credentials from the new ambassadors of Tonga and Rwanda. It was his first ceremonial duty at the palace since late March.

New foreign ambassadors usually arrive at the Imperial Palace in a horse-drawn carriage for a ceremony, but this time they rode cars to avoid drawing crowds along the route.

In the "Matsu-no-Ma" State Room of the palace, the envoys handed the Emperor documents from their heads of state.

All participants wore face masks and observed social distancing.

The Emperor conversed with the ambassadors without shaking their hands, as part of efforts to prevent infections.

The Imperial Household Agency says more official events and ceremonies will be held, based on their importance.

News source: NHK
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