Japan's weather agency predicts 'mild winter'

TOKYO, Sep 20 (News On Japan) - The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced its outlook for the next three months and the winter ahead, with temperatures predicted to be higher than usual and less snowfall.

From October to December, upper-level westerly winds are expected to flow over northern Japan, bringing warmer air. Temperatures next month are forecast to be higher than usual nationwide, with some days exceeding 30C, reminiscent of midsummer, especially in the early part of the month.

Due to factors such as the El Nino phenomenon, the southward movement of cold air is expected to be weak this winter, resulting in average or higher temperatures for northern Japan, while in other regions, they are likely to be higher, resulting in a milder winter overall.

The amount of snowfall is expected to be low on the Sea of Japan side of eastern and western Japan, with northern Japan's Sea of Japan side also experiencing either average or below-average snowfall.