Arashiyama swarming with tourists

KYOTO, Sep 20 (News On Japan) - While the mountains of Arashiyama in the western outskirts of Kyoto are yet to be adorned with the red and yellow hues of fall, both domestic and international tourists are already flocking to popular spots such as Togetsukyo Bridge, creating an unprecedented "tourism bubble."

Although businesses in Arashiyama are reaping the profits of 'overtourism', beneath the surface, there are serious problems.

Overcrowding on public transportation, congested with foreign and Japanese tourists alike, is a pressing issue. Passengers disembarking at Saga-Arashiyama Station during rush hours are reportedly unable to move inside the train or on the platform.

With the local community grappling with issues like waste management, the shopping district has recently installed smart trash cans at a cost of 2 million yen each.

These smart trash cans use solar power to compress garbage to one-fifth of its original size and reduce the frequency of garbage collection by a fifth as well. And while they have been hailed a success, the trash cans are still overflowing. On top of the smart trash cans, there are piles of plastic bottles and used masks.