Apr 19
The International Monetary Fund said Tuesday that it projects 1.2 pct growth in the Japanese economy in 2017, up 0.4 percentage point from its previous projection in January. (Jiji)
Apr 16
Japan plans to push forward talks to put a Pacific rim trade pact into force without the United States, which withdrew from the multination agreement in January as President Donald Trump pursues bilateral trade deals, a government source said Saturday. (Japan Today)
Apr 15
The net inflow of foreign residents into Japan was the largest ever during the last statistical year, as the government pushes policies to attract foreign workers to lessen the economic repercussions from a declining and graying population. (Nikkei)
Apr 13
US President Donald Trump has reiterated that the dollar is getting too strong. (NHK)
Apr 13
Japan ranked No. 4 in official development assistance in 2016 among member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, an OECD report showed Tuesday. (Japan Times)
Apr 11
Japan's working-age population is facing a steep decline, new demographic research confirms, leaving the country's future vitality precarious barring major improvements in social security and labor productivity. (Nikkei)
Apr 10
Japan's current account surplus in February rose 18.2 pct from a year before to 2,813.6 billion yen, the Ministry of Finance said Monday. (Jiji)
Apr 10
Officials at the International Monetary Fund are compiling their growth forecasts ahead of the G20 summit on April 20th. (NHK)
Apr 09
Trade ministers from Japan and ASEAN said Saturday that they will strive to conclude a mega free trade deal in Asia called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. (Japan Today)
Apr 08
Bank of Japan Gov Haruhiko Kuroda has emphatically missed his single most important performance indicator, and yet is looking a good bet for a second term - the first in more than half a century - if the 72-year-old can face the strain. (Japan Today)
Apr 05
Japan is nowhere near 2 pct inflation four years after the Bank of Japan made a drastic monetary policy regime change with much fanfare. (Jiji)
Apr 04
The Bank of Japan's Tankan survey shows a growing number of Japanese employers feel their companies are understaffed. (NHK)
Apr 01
The seasonally adjusted jobless rate in February fell 0.2 percentage points from the previous month to 2.8 percent, the lowest level since June 1994, when the rate stood at the same level, the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry said Friday. (the-japan-news.com)
Mar 29
A government panel unveiled an action plan Tuesday to reduce long working hours and ensure equal treatment for regular and nonregular employees as Japan seeks to promote broad labor reform. (Japan Today)
Mar 29
The Japanese government has drawn up a plan to overhaul working conditions and practices at firms and factories around the country. (NHK)
Mar 24
The Japanese yen's recent rise against the dollar has defied conventional market wisdom, but a stronger currency may actually support Japan as it confronts the Trump administration on matters of trade and foreign exchange. (Reuters)
Mar 23
Japan's 14 major electricity and gas companies are expected to raise rates in May for the fourth straight month, as the utilities pass on rising costs of imported fuels to consumers. (Nikkei)
Mar 22
The population in Tokyo's waterfront areas has ballooned in recent years and is only expected to keep climbing after the 2020 Olympics, ratcheting up pressure on the local government to expand its already crowded public transit system. (Nikkei)
Mar 22
Tokyo and Osaka are again among the 10 most expensive cities in the world due to the stronger yen, according to a new global survey. (Japan Today)
Mar 22
Residential land prices in Japan have risen for the first time in 9 years. Demand was firm thanks to low mortgage rates on the back of the central bank's negative interest rate policy. Also helping out home buyers was a tax break. (NHK)
Mar 21
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed Monday that Japan and Europe should work together with the United States to promote free trade. (Kyodo)
Mar 20
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on Sunday for Germany and Japan to work together to champion free trade. (marketwatch.com)
Mar 16
Many major Japanese companies, including automakers and electronics makers, on Wednesday proposed raising their pay scales for the fourth straight year, but the hikes will be the smallest in the four years. (Jiji)
Mar 14
Japanese business and labor leaders are close to a final agreement on limiting worker's overtime hours. (NHK)
Mar 13
King Salman and hundreds of business leaders from Saudi Arabia began talks in Japan Monday mainly expected to focus on economic ties. (Japan Today)
Mar 11
Japan on Friday rejected U.S. demands for more access to Japan's auto market, saying the government has already taken steps to eliminate tariffs and non-tariff barriers. (Japan Today)
Mar 10
Share prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange rose on Friday, with a key index closing at a new high for the year as the yen weakened against the dollar. (NHK)
Mar 10
The Bank of Japan has given the media a rare view of ongoing renovations to its main building. (NHK)
Mar 10
Basic wages in Japan increased 0.8 pct from a year earlier to 238,737 yen on average in January, registering the sharpest rise in 16 years and 10 months, the labor ministry said in a preliminary report on Thursday. (Jiji)
Mar 09
The Japanese agricultural sector enjoys a "high level" of protection and support from policy measures, the World Trade Organization said Wednesday. (Jiji)
Mar 08
Increased capital expenditures in Japan's private sector buoyed the country's economic growth in the 2016 October-December quarter. (Nikkei)
Mar 04
Japan's core consumer prices have risen for the first time in over a year thanks to a pickup in energy costs, marking a rare victory in the government's long battle against deflation. (theguardian.com)
Mar 04
Companies selling farm-fresh vegetables, performing wedding services and providing temporary staffing of middle-aged and elderly workers were among the smorgasbord of IPOs Japan saw in 2016, its most diverse year since 2007. (Nikkei)
Mar 02
The economy ministers of Japan and Australia have confirmed the importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal. (NHK)
Feb 23
Japanese women's wages hit an all-time high last year, but they continued to earn far less than men. (Nikkei)
Feb 22
The Japanese government compiled a plan Tuesday to ease visa restrictions for foreign workers in designated special economic zones to address the growing need for services amid a rise in the number of visitors to the country. (Kyodo)
Feb 21
The price of new condominiums in Japan hit the second highest level on record last year, fuelled by rising costs in personnel and materials. (NHK)
Feb 20
The introduction of negative interest rates a year ago by the Bank of Japan is prompting listed companies here to funnel the money they save on borrowing costs toward takeovers and capital investment. (Nikkei)
Feb 20
Japan posted its first trade balance deficit in 5 months in January. Higher oil prices pushed up the costs of imports. (NHK)
Feb 18
Internal Affairs Ministry officials say household spending in Japan in 2016 dropped 1.7 % in yen terms from the previous year. It marks the third-consecutive annual decline. (NHK)
Feb 15
Japan's economy is cruising along, at least by its own recent standards, with real growth clocking in at 1 percent in 2016. It may have reached top speed. (Bloomberg)
Feb 12
Thirty years ago this Thursday, a large number of Japanese individuals began investing in stocks when Nippon Telegraph and Telephone was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. How those investments have fared differs depending on when the shares were bought. (Nikkei)
Feb 09
Japan posted its second-biggest current account surplus on record in 2016, government data showed Wednesday, sparking fears that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might be urged by U.S. President Donald Trump to take steps to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with Japan. (Kyodo)
Feb 08
The U.S. goods trade deficit with Japan totaled $68.94 billion in 2016, outranking Germany for the second-largest figure among countries with which the United States generated a trade deficit, government data showed Tuesday. (Kyodo)
Feb 07
Workers in Japan saw their real wages increase for the first time in five years in 2016, a government report revealed on Monday. (Jiji)
Feb 05
Management and labor teams in Japan are locking horns over how much overtime employees should be allowed to work during busy periods as the government mulls a limit of 100 hours per month. (Japan Times)
Feb 04
The Bank of Japan conducted a special bond-buying operation Friday, in an apparent effort to dispel concern that its monetary policy could be jeopardized by U.S. President Donald Trump's claim that Japan has guided the yen lower. (Jiji)
Feb 02
The Japanese government began formal discussions Wednesday on draft legislation that would limit overtime to an average of 60 hours a month throughout the calendar year. (Nikkei)
Feb 01
Speculation is growing over whether or how U.S. President Donald Trump will address the Bank of Japan's monetary policy when he meets Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Feb. 10. (Nikkei)
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