Jul 31
The Bank of Japan has released minutes of its board meetings during the first 6 months of 2007. They show policymakers were not fully aware of the risks looming because of the subprime mortgage issue in the US. The resulting collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers led to a global financial crisis the following year. (NHK)
Jul 28
Japan had more than one regular full-time job opening for every applicant on average -- the first this has occurred since November 2004 when the government started collecting data. (Nikkei)
Jul 28
Raising wage levels will ensure that the economy breaks free from deflation and working conditions for non-regular workers improve. To accomplish these goals, we want the government to swiftly create an environment in which increases in the minimum wage can be steadily continued. (the-japan-news.com)
Jul 22
Over the years, numerous reasons have been provided for Japan's prolonged deflation problem. These have ranged from automation to mindset problems. Amazon.com, Inc. is the latest culprit to be assigned the blame. (investopedia.com)
Jul 22
Japan's severe labor shortage is at levels last seen about a quarter-century ago, states a government white paper presented to the Cabinet on Friday which also highlights the country's need to resolve the issue in order to achieve sustainable economic growth. (Japan Times)
Jul 20
Policymakers at the Bank of Japan have decided to continue with their easing program in a bid to achieve a 2-percent inflation target. But the officials have revised the forecast date for meeting the target. They say an extra year is needed. (NHK)
Jul 19
Even unrealistically robust economic and productivity growth would not be enough to bring Japan's primary balance into the black by fiscal 2020, government estimates released Tuesday show. (Nikkei)
Jul 19
Japanese manufacturers' and service providers' business confidence held steady at high levels in July, a Reuters poll found on Wednesday, underlining the central bank's upbeat view on the economy. (Reuters)
Jul 15
Japan's gross domestic product in fiscal 2018 is forecast to increase 1.4 pct from the previous year in price-adjusted real terms, the Cabinet Office said Friday. (Jiji)
Jul 12
Chief negotiators from the 11 Trans-Pacific Partnership countries met Wednesday in the hot-spring resort town of Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, to discuss how to breathe fresh life into the massive free trade deal after the U.S. withdrew. (Japan Times)
Jul 12
Japan will be holding talks on a Pacific Rim trade initiative rejected by U.S. President Donald Trump beginning Wednesday in the mountain resort town of Hakone, west of Tokyo. (Japan Today)
Jul 10
Japanese companies have never been in better financial shape. Their sky-high ratio of capital to assets testifies to that fact, with the average figure topping 40% for the first time last fiscal year. There's a catch, however: They are inveterate hoarders, which critics say points to a corporate governance problem. (Nikkei)
Jul 07
Japan's fiscal 2016 tax revenue came in around 2.1 trillion yen ($18.5 billion) below the initial forecast, casting doubt over Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plan to replenish government coffers by spurring growth in the corporate sector. (Nikkei)
Jul 06
Japan's labor shortage has pushed the number of people changing jobs and employers during their career to its highest level since the global financial crisis, as companies scramble for workers with experience amid a rapidly-aging economy. (Japan Times)
Jul 06
Japan is seen boosting subsidies and other assistance to dairy farmers after the country reached a broad accord on its envisioned economic partnership agreement with the European Union, informed sources have said. (Jiji)
Jul 06
Japan and the European Union reached a broad accord in their four-year-old trade negotiations on Wednesday, set to create a free trade zone that covers 40 pct of trade around the globe. (Jiji)
Jul 05
Japan's blue chips managed to hold the line above 20,000 Tuesday despite North Korea's best efforts to rain on the parade. But the real test lies in whether the market value can last long beyond the 600 trillion yen ($5.29 trillion) barrier, which has proved the downfall of many a rally. (Nikkei)
Jul 04
Prices of land facing major streets in Japan as of Jan. 1 grew 0.4 pct from a year before on average, up for the second consecutive year, the National Tax Agency said Monday. (Jiji)
Jul 04
Salarymen have taken a pummeling in recent years - with pay stagnating and rising numbers of working women and mothers eroding their once-dominant position as the family's breadwinner. (Japan Times)
Jul 02
Japan and the European Union will continue talks on a proposed economic partnership agreement after they failed to narrow gaps over key issues at a two-day ministerial meeting ended in Tokyo Saturday. (Jiji)
Jul 01
Japan's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stood at 3.1 pct in May, up 0.3 percentage point from the previous month, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said Friday. (Jiji)
Jun 30
A Bank of Japan policymaker praised Adolf Hitler's economic policies on Thursday, but said they enabled the Nazi dictator to do "horrible" things to the world. (Japan Times)
Jun 28
The yen may face a test of confidence as Tokyo aims to boost the currency’s presence abroad at a time when China has been eclipsing Japan’s clout on the world stage. (Japan Times)
Jun 28
Japanese premier Shinzo Abe is looking to quietly ditch a pledge to balance the budget by fiscal 2020 in favor of a looser debt-to-GDP ratio target, a move that gives him a free hand to delay again an unpopular sales tax hike, government sources say. (Reuters)
Jun 26
Foreign direct investment to Japan for fiscal 2016 topped 3 trillion yen ($26.9 billion) for the first time ever, thanks mainly to an increasing number of takeovers of domestic businesses by overseas investment funds. Japanese operations of foreign establishments have also become keen to reinvest what they earn into Japan. (Nikkei)
Jun 26
A private research institute estimates that about 30 percent of Japanese houses will be vacant in 16 years unless they are reoccupied or demolished. (NHK)
Jun 24
The European Union and Japan are close to sealing one of the largest trade agreements ever, a deal that could further isolate the United States as President Trump forges a protectionist path. (nytimes.com)
Jun 22
The Japanese government on Thursday upgraded its assessment of the economy in its monthly report for the first time since December. (marketwatch.com)
Jun 22
China's bond market will double in size from the current $9 trillion over the next five years, overtaking Japan's to become the world's second largest behind the United States', UBS Asset Management said in a report. (cnbc.com)
Jun 21
As the Nikkei 225 Stock Average rises toward its highest level in more than two decades, one group of investors has surprisingly missed out. (Bloomberg)
Jun 19
Japan logged a customs-cleared trade deficit of 203.4 billion yen in May, against the year-before deficit of 47.3 billion yen, the Ministry of Finance said Monday. (Jiji)
Jun 17
Officials at the Bank of Japan have wrapped up a 2-day policy meeting. They have decided to press on with their easing program as they pursue their 2-percent inflation target. (NHK)
Jun 16
Japanese farmers have urged lawmakers to stop officials from making too many concessions in an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union. (NHK)
Jun 15
A Cabinet Office panel of experts on Thursday effectively confirmed that Japan's current economic expansion continued for the 53rd consecutive month in April, making it the third longest in the postwar period. (Jiji)
Jun 15
If and when the Bank of Japan should reveal its plans to exit its ultra-loose monetary policy has split economists polled by Reuters, with the economy showing signs of recovery even though inflation remains far below the central bank's target. (Japan Today)
Jun 10
Japan's government has set out its policy goals for managing the economy. This year's blueprint focuses on boosting productivity by investing in human resources. (NHK)
Jun 10
Japan's female labor force participation rate rose to 66.0 pct in 2016, the highest level since the country began taking the data in 1968, a government annual report said Friday. (Jiji)
Jun 09
Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said the country had escaped from deflation but still had more progress to make before reaching its goal for 2 percent inflation. (Bloomberg)
Jun 08
Japan's current account surplus grew 7.5% on the year in April to 1.95 trillion yen ($17.7 billion), the highest for the month in 10 years, according to data released Thursday by the Ministry of Finance. (Nikkei)
Jun 08
The number of households on welfare in Japan in March increased by 2,588 from the previous month to hit a record high of 1,641,523, up for the first time in three months, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Wednesday. (Japan Times)
Jun 07
Nearly 27 pct of land in rural areas in Japan does not have identified owners now, according to the Justice Ministry's first survey on the current state of land ownership, released on Tuesday. (Jiji)
Jun 07
Japan's Ministry of Finance seeks to create a market enabling direct exchanges of the yen and other Asian currencies without using the dollar as an intermediary, an idea that could reduce funding costs for financial institutions and businesses. (Nikkei)
Jun 06
The World Bank said Sunday that it projects 1.5 pct growth in Japan's real gross domestic product for 2017, up 0.6 percentage point from its previous forecast in January. (Jiji)
Jun 03
The Bank of Japan said Friday its total assets, such as its holdings of Japanese government bonds, stocks and other securities, has topped 500 trillion yen for the first time ever. (Jiji)
Jun 02
The inflow of international funds into information technology and semiconductors powered the Nikkei Stock Average's recovery Friday to above 20,000. But the automotive and financial sectors are faltering, highlighting the gap between Japanese equities and their foreign peers. (Nikkei)
Jun 02
The Japanese government plans to place emphasis on its efforts for lowering the proportion of the country's outstanding public debts to its gross domestic product as an indicator for measuring its fiscal reconstruction efforts, informed sources said Thursday. (Jiji)
Jun 01
The number of companies in Japan fell 6.3 pct from February 2012 to 3,866,537 as of June 1 last year, a government survey showed Wednesday. (Jiji)
May 31
Japanese companies are increasing hiring of full-time employees as they scramble to secure workers amid a labor shortage, raising hopes that the tight demand will translate to higher wages. (Nikkei)
May 31
Household spending dropped again in April, official figures showed Tuesday, as consumers kept a tight hold on their purse strings despite years of government efforts to boost spending. (Japan Times)
May 30
Over the last five years, Japan's economy has contracted by more than two trillion dollars in GDP and 1 million people in lost population. (businessinsider.com.au)
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