Aug 01
Friday was a big day for the world's largest pension fund, which posted its worst annual loss since the financial crisis and disclosed individual equity holdings for the first time. The two may be connected. (Japan Times)
Jul 30
The number of agriculture workers in Japan fell around 60 percent over the past quarter of a century to a level below 2 million this year for the first time on record, according to a recent government survey. ()
Jul 29
Policymakers at the Bank of Japan have decided to implement additional monetary easing. (NHK)
Jul 29
The Bangladeshi government has postponed the closing bid for a large-scale project funded by Japan's official development assistance in the wake of the terrorist attack on a restaurant in Dhaka earlier this month that left 20 hostages, including seven Japanese, dead, sources said Thursday. (Japan Times)
Jul 28
Japan's prime minister has responded to the shock of Brexit on the country's already struggling economy by announcing that his government will deliver an economic stimulus package worth more than ¥28tn. (theguardian.com)
Jul 27
A government advisory panel on Tuesday agreed to recommend raising the country's average minimum hourly wage by ¥24, or 3 percent, for fiscal 2016. (Japan Times)
Jul 26
The stronger yen is reducing the value of Japanese exports amid signs of a rebound in volume terms. (Nikkei)
Jul 25
Japan posted a goods trade surplus for a half-year period in January to June for the first time since a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the country in March 2011, due mainly to a plunge in the value of imports on the back of declining crude oil prices, the government said Monday. (Kyodo)
Jul 25
The Japanese government will defer planned housing-related gift tax breaks, in line with its decision to delay a consumption tax hike from 8 pct to 10 pct for 30 months until October 2019, informed sources have said. (Jiji Press)
Jul 24
The world's major economies need to deepen cooperation on tax collection as companies seek to minimise the amount they pay to governments, finance ministers said Saturday. (Japan Today)
Jul 22
Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda has ruled out the possibility that the central bank will introduce so-called "helicopter money," a policy in which the central bank would directly buy national bonds from the government. (Kyodo)
Jul 19
Japanese policymakers, who won't go as far as funding government spending through direct debt monetisation, might pursue a mix of aggressive fiscal and monetary expansion to battle deflation, say sources familiar with the matter. (Reuters)
Jul 17
A government survey on living conditions of households in Japan shows that 60 percent of the respondents are having difficulty making ends meet. (NHK)
Jul 17
Former Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama has expressed his willingness to serve on an international advisory committee for the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB. (NHK)
Jul 16
The Nikkei Stock Average racked up its largest weekly advance since November 1997, buoyed by a sharply weaker yen and headline makers. (Nikkei)
Jul 14
People in southwestern Japan are still trying to find places to stay and rebuild their lives 3 months after the first in a series of earthquakes hit the region. (NHK)
Jul 14
The Japanese government has nearly halved its real gross domestic product growth estimate for fiscal 2016 to 0.9 pct from 1.7 pct, the Cabinet Office said Wednesday. (Jiji Press)
Jul 13
The nation's top business leaders urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday to seek ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact during an extraordinary Diet session expected to be held in September. (Japan Times)
Jul 12
Hiroshi Suzuki had a fulfilling career in which he travelled the world as an engineer. Then, at age 65, he retired. That didn't last long. For the past seven years Suzuki, 72, has been a nursing aide in the Tokyo area, and says he's years away from true retirement. (afr.com)
Jul 12
People in Japan are keeping more of their money in banks. Many of them are pulling out of investments partly due to increased global risks. (NHK)
Jul 12
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday he would order his economic minister the following day to begin compiling stimulus measures to support the domestic economy, following his ruling Liberal Democratic Party's victory in the upper house election. (Kyodo)
Jul 07
The yield on Japan's 20-year government bond Wednesday fell below zero for the first time ever and the 30-year yield dropped as low as 0.015%, as investors seek safety after Britain's vote to leave the European Union. (wsj.com)
Jul 04
In light of recent dismal data on prices, the Bank of Japan is expected to discuss cutting its inflation forecasts at its next monetary policy meeting, scheduled for July 28 and 29. (Japan Times)
Jul 04
Japanese companies cut their forecasts for inflation for five years' time, dimming the prospects for Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda meeting the 2 percent inflation target during the next fiscal year as he has projected. (bloomberg.com)
Jul 03
Concerns are rising over whether the confusion flowing out of Europe and the growing appreciation of the yen might deal a serious blow to the Japanese economy. We urge the government and the Bank of Japan to raise their alert level. (the-japan-news.com)
Jul 02
This year's land value figures, released Friday by the National Tax Agency, rose sharply in sightseeing areas and on busy streets across the country, thanks to development projects and the opening of new stores to attract foreign tourists. (the-japan-news.com)
Jul 02
The Government Pension Investment Fund, the operator of public pension funds in Japan, incurred an investment loss of over ¥5 trillion in fiscal 2015 due to falling stock prices, informed sources said Friday. (the-japan-news.com)
Jul 01
Japan was clobbered with a one-two punch Friday as weak data and a lackluster business confidence report underscored the slowdown dragging on the world's number three economy. (Japan Today)
Jul 01
Japan's consumer prices fell 0.4 percent in May from a year earlier for the third straight month and marked the biggest drop in more than three years, the government said Friday, indicating the Bank of Japan is expected to continue struggling to achieve its 2 percent inflation target. (Kyodo)
Jul 01
Prices of land facing major streets in Japan as of Jan. 1, 2016, rose 0.2 pct from a year before on average, marking the first increase in eight years, the National Tax Agency said Friday. (Jiji Press)
Jul 01
Senior tax officials from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries began their two-day meeting in Kyoto on Thursday to tighten measures against international tax avoidance. (the-japan-news.com)
Jun 30
Japan's long-suffering salaried workers, famous for toiling long hours, have found no relief under the Abenomics reflation program, recording two of the three worst years when it comes to their monthly pocket money. (Japan Times)
Jun 30
More than one in four people in Japan were aged 65 or older as of Oct. 1, accounting for 33.42 million or a record 26.7% of the overall population, a government study showed Wednesday, highlighting the nation's challenge in dealing with rising social security costs from the rapid graying of society. (Japan Today)
Jun 29
Britain's exit from the European Union, or Brexit, is estimated to push down Japan's gross domestic product by up to around one pct due to the yen's rising in line with falling stock prices, according to recent reports by private think tanks. (Jiji Press)
Jun 27
Asia's equity markets were the first to suffer through a Brexit-fueled rout. Old Mutual PLC and Citi Private Bank are betting they may be the first to recover. (Japan Times)
Jun 27
Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama will sit on an international advisory committee of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, it was learned Saturday. (Japan Times)
Jun 26
The Japanese government and the Bank of Japan agreed Saturday to closely cooperate to prepare for any further financial market volatility following Britain's decision to leave the European Union. (Kyodo)
Jun 25
Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso on Friday expressed concerns about possible risks to the global economy and financial markets as Britain reportedly voted to leave the European Union. (Jiji Press)
Jun 24
Tokyo's benchmark stock index nosedived almost 8% Friday as Britain's decision to leave the European Union sparked an avalanche of selling and wild swings on currency markets. (Japan Today)
Jun 21
The yen will strengthen past 100 per dollar this year, whichever way the U.K. votes in Thursday's referendum, according to Eisuke Sakakibara. The only difference is how fast it gets there. (Japan Times)
Jun 21
The IMF said Monday that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's eponymous economic revitalisation plan needs to be "reloaded" with steps to increase incomes and achieve labour reforms to meet ambitious growth and inflation targets. (Japan Today)
Jun 20
Japan's exports fell at the fastest pace in four months in May on supply chain disruptions from the Kumamoto earthquake and slow growth in emerging markets - foreshadowing gloomy trade prospects for the current quarter. (reuters.com)
Jun 19
Financial assets held by Japanese individuals at the end of March were down from a year earlier. The drop was the first in nearly six years. (NHK)
Jun 17
Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda warned Thursday that a strong yen will negatively affect the economy after the Japanese currency surged to a nearly two-year high against the U.S. dollar as the BOJ stood pat on monetary policy. (Kyodo)
Jun 16
Policymakers at the Bank of Japan have decided by majority vote to maintain their massive monetary easing measures, including the negative interest rate policy. (NHK)
Jun 15
The Japanese government decided at a cabinet meeting Tuesday to use 59 billion yen out of the reserves set aside under the 778-billion-yen fiscal 2016 supplementary budget in part to finance works to rebuild Kumamoto Prefecture and other Kyushu southwestern Japan areas hit by a series of strong earthquakes in April. (Jiji Press)
Jun 13
Business sentiment at Japan's large companies was down for the second straight quarter in the April-to-June period. The strong yen and the series of earthquakes in Kumamoto Prefecture are being blamed. (NHK)
Jun 13
Foreign investors are bailing out of Japanese stocks as a wobbly economy feeds disillusionment about 'Abenomics', sparking bouts of volatility in a market increasingly shaken up by policy decisions of the Bank of Japan. (Reuters)
Jun 08
Japan's current account surplus in April rose 41.7 pct from a year before to 1,878.5 billion yen, the Ministry of Finance said Wednesday. (Jiji Press)
Jun 08
Japan's gross domestic product in January-March grew a revised 0.5 pct from the previous quarter in price-adjusted real terms, stronger than the preliminary reading of a 0.4 pct rise, the Cabinet Office said Wednesday. (Jiji Press)
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