Aug 26
Its buses and trains arrive on the dot. Its engineers are famously precise. But when it comes to English, Japan is uncharacteristically sloppy. Signs are often misspelled. Taxi drivers point at phrasebooks to communicate with foreigners. Shops that take an English name to be trendy often get it horribly wrong: witness "Poopdick", a second-hand cosmetics outlet. (The Economist)
May 28
Google launched its Chromecast media streaming dongle in Japan on Tuesday. The announcement comes just two weeks after the device landed in South Korea, which was its first market in Asia. (thenextweb.com)
Apr 13
Sony Corp. said Friday that battery overheating has caused burns to three Vaio Fit 11A notebook personal computers. (The Japan News)
Apr 09
Faced with budget shortages, many local municipalities in Japan were unable to upgrade their personal computers running on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP to a new operating system before the U.S. firm ended support for the OS on Wednesday. (Jiji Press)
Mar 29
The Japanese Fire and Disaster Management Agency said Friday that it will introduce a system on Tuesday to automatically send alerts on any ballistic missile launches, major terror attacks and other contingencies by e-mail to mobile phones. (Jiji Press)
Mar 16
Japan's only facility exclusively dedicated to electronic sports has been drawing crowds to Tokyo's Akihabara since its opening on Jan. 25. (Asahi)
Feb 22
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. launched the PlayStation 4 video game console in Japan on Saturday. (Jiji Press)
Feb 22
Japan's National Consumer Affairs Center is warning against the possible overheating of smartphones. (NHK)
Jan 16
Total shipments for Disney Magical World, or Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life as some might know it, have topped 500,000 in Japan, Namco Bandai announced. (gematsu.com)
Jan 08
Sony Corp. will start distributing games for its PlayStation 4 game console via cloud computing technology this year, President Kazuo Hirai said Tuesday, displaying the electronics company's focus on the entertainment business. (Kyodo)
Dec 27
The government has warned about 140 organizations, such as ministries and agencies as well as universities and research institutions, not to use a Japanese-language input method editor developed by Baidu Inc., China's largest search engine company, after it was found that all text data typed into computers using it are sent to Baidu's server, it has been learned. (Yomiuri)
Dec 12
There is big money to be made on games and other apps for mobile devices around the world. There has been a change at the top of the most profitable countries for apps with Japan taking the top spot. (slashgear.com)
Dec 09
Recently, research firm Kantar detailed just how dominant Apple has become in Japan. According to Kantar, Apple's iPhone accounted for an amazing 76% of all smartphone sales in Japan in October. Furthermore, Apple's iPhone made up 61% of all smartphone sales on NTT DoCoMo in October. (Motley Fool)
Dec 03
Junichiro Asami gave up a stable job to join a group of Japanese entrepreneurs building businesses based on 3D printing, showing the sort of pioneering spirit Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes can revitalize a calcified economy. (Reuters)
Nov 28
Amazon Japan launched its 'Instant Video' online platform Tuesday (Nov. 27), offering movies and TV series for streaming, download rental and purchase, with content from all the local major studios and TV networks. (hollywoodreporter.com)
Nov 26
Line has announced it's added another 100 million people to its registered user count in just four months, pushing it past the 300 million user mark globally. (techcrunch.com)
Nov 25
A Japan-U.S. alliance is targeting a replacement for DRAM -- a longstanding staple of computer hardware. (CNET)
Nov 24
Facebook started in colleges. Japanese live video startup TwitCasting said yesterday that it owns 50 percent of the college market in Japan - and it's coming here. (venturebeat.com)
Nov 23
A total of 266,231 personal computers with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP used by local governments in Japan cannot have the operating system upgraded to a new one before the support for the OS ends, the internal affairs ministry said Friday. (Jiji Press)
Nov 23
Japan has ranked 13th in this year's international survey on Internet usage. The nation was in 20th place last year. (NHK)
Nov 20
As so-called big data-various types of information gathered on a massive scale, such as smartphone locations-becomes widely used, controversy has arisen over how telecom operators should obtain the consent of individuals whose private information may be offered to a third party without their knowledge. (Yomiuri)
Nov 18
Security experts have uncovered attacks exploiting a zero day vulnerability in Japan's most popular word processing software, bearing all the hallmarks of a Chinese group blamed for last year's New York Times hack. (The Register)
Nov 18
Domain names ending with ".tokyo," ".nagoya" and ".moe" will be available next spring as part of a move to increase the number of suffixes by the agency that oversees Internet addresses. (Yomiuri)
Nov 16
Sony's new PlayStation 4 game console has hit store shelves in North America, 7 years after its predecessor the PS3 launched there. (NHK)
Nov 12
Pinterest recently launched in the United Kingdom, France and Italy, and now Pinterest has decided that its next international stop will be Japan, it was revealed in a blog post. The site went live on Monday. (vator.tv)
Nov 12
The communications ministry plans to beef up the capabilities of its multilingual speech translation system ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (Yomiuri)
Nov 06
Last week, without warning, Nintendo terminated the Swapnote service for the Nintendo 3DS, which allows 3DS owners to exchanges hand-written messages and photographs with their registered friends over the Internet. (siliconera.com)
Nov 03
Despite a not-so-stellar third quarter for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) , Japan was a bright spot for the iPhone maker. Apple now commands a record 34% market share in the country once dominated by domestic brands. (Motley Fool)
Oct 31
Google's brushed up on its foreign language (and content bartering) skills to bring TV shows to Japan, making it only the third country after the US and UK. (engadget.com)
Oct 26
Japan's Line Corp, creator of the fast growing social messaging app Line, may choose an overseas exchange for an expected IPO next year, banking sources with knowledge of the matter said, within months of a high profile listing by Twitter. (Reuters)
Oct 24
Wall Street loves to speculate on whether Apple Inc.'s latest gadget is a winner or a dud. But here in Japan, the tech giant has another constituency desperate to see iPhones disappearing from store shelves: The nation's once-proud electronics producers. (Global Post)
Oct 23
During an Aug. 3 airing of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece Castle in the Sky, thousands of anime fans watching the broadcast in Japan tweeted in unison to coincide with an exciting scene during the film's climax. (mashable.com)
Oct 22
Boy, how fast time flies. Just a few weeks after Nintendo announced that they would cease the manufacturing of the Nintendo Wii for Japan, the gaming company has listed the console as "discontinued" (after some translation work, of course) on its Japanese website. (Ubergizmo)
Oct 17
Apple sent out invitations Wednesday confirming the anticipated October 22 event, and the expectation is that we'll see the iPad mini 2 and the iPad 5 detailed by the company. Says Apple, "We still have a lot to cover," and to help ensure that coverage is as widespread as possible, the event will be telecast in London, Japan, and in the company's offices. (slashgear.com)
Oct 11
NTT Docomo Inc. unveiled 10 new smartphones Thursday to beef up its non-iPhone lineup for the winter-spring season and improve its competitiveness in a tight market. (Japan Times)
Oct 09
Panasonic Corp will pull out of the plasma television panel business by the end of the financial year to March 2014, sources familiar with the situation told Reuters, marking a key milestone in the long-term decline of Japan's TV industry. (Reuters)
Oct 08
NTT DoCoMo Inc., the nation's largest mobile phone carrier, lost the most subscribers on record in September even after adding Apple Inc. iPhones to its lineup as it attempts to regain market share from SoftBank Corp. and KDDI Corp. (Yomiuri)
Oct 03
Vending machines are quite popular in Japan, and Google recently put up a few of its own to distribute mobile games to Android users. (IGN)
Sep 30
Sony Corporation announced today that it will present new user experiences for mobile and the living room at "CEATEC JAPAN 2013", to be held at Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in Chiba City from the 1st to 5th of October. (ciol.com)
Sep 29
A small, sophisticated international hacking group was responsible for a widely publicized 2011 spying attack on members of Japan's Diet as well as dozens of previously undisclosed breaches at government agencies and strategic companies in Japan and South Korea, security researchers say. (Reuters)
Sep 28
Panasonic Corp. will halt development of consumer smartphones, which it has been selling to leading mobile carrier NTT Docomo Inc., in October, the company has announced. (Yomiuri)
Sep 28
Twitter said it has launched a service that gives important and accurate information during emergencies to users in Japan, the United States and South Korea. (Yomiuri)
Sep 27
Tokyo District Court ordered the Japanese unit of Apple Inc. to pay 336 million yen in compensation to a Tokyo-based software developer for violating the developer's patented technology. (Jiji Press)
Sep 27
App provider Line Corp. said it will prohibit Line users under the age of 18 who have a certain type of smartphone from using a Line ID to call or exchange messages with other users, effective on Monday. (Yomiuri)
Sep 20
Apple acolytes got their hands on new iPhones Friday in the global roll-out of two new models, but failure to make headway in China and complaints about the price struck a sour note. (abs-cbnnews.com)
Sep 19
What we're mainly expecting out of TGS 2013 is trailers and screenshots, I'm afraid. A couple of years ago this would have been a much longer article. The good news is, next year it probably will be, and certainly the year after that. Tokyo Game Show 2013 is a victim of the same conditions that made it a subdued affair in 2012, and which have this year made several consumer-friendly shows - PAX and gamescom, for example - a bit redundant from the press's point of view. (vg247.com)
Sep 18
Internet firm Yahoo Japan has developed technology to produce solid plastic objects with 3D printers based on computer searches. (NHK)
Sep 18
Japan's most popular online bulletin-board service, 2channel (pronounced ni-chaneru), recently experienced what is probably the biggest problem in its 14-year history when its promise to keep users' anonymity was severely broken by an information breach. (Japan Times)
Sep 14
Japan and 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have agreed to develop a system that will predict cyberattacks. (NHK)
Sep 14
NTT DoCoMo's entry into the iPhone fray in Japan is sparking fierce competition for customers, with all three carriers offering certain iPhone 5S models for free with a two-year contract. (CNET)
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