Jun 04
Japan's government is seen approving the introduction of a taxi starting fare of around 410 yen for about one kilometer in some Tokyo areas, against the current 730 yen for 2 kilometers, officials said Saturday. (Jiji Press)
Jun 04
The rainy season is believed to have started in central and western Japan as well as the southwestern main island of Kyushu, the weather agency said Saturday, warning of landslides in quake-hit areas of Kumamoto and Oita. (Japan Today)
Jun 04
Tasty local produce, uniquely designed trains and a leisurely ride through the scenic countryside - this is how some train operators are trying to attract passengers and get local economies back on track. (the-japan-news.com)
Jun 02
Dazaifu Tenmangu is a Shinto shrine on the outskirts of Fukuoka City in southern Japan. It was founded in 905 after the death of Sugawara no Michizane. (Japan Today)
Jun 02
Starting this month, All Nippon Airways Co. is using tablet devices in four languages - English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese - to improve communication with foreign or hearing-impaired customers on its planes and at airports. (the-japan-news.com)
Jun 01
The Japanese government will launch a system to enable a discount in hotel and package tour fees of up to 70 pct for visitors to the earthquake-hit Kyushu region, it was learned Tuesday. (Jiji Press)
May 31
The number of flights from Taiwan to Japan has surged, with the weekly figure totaling 727 this month, up by more than 40 percent from a year earlier, according to the Civil Aeronautics Administration. (taipeitimes.com)
May 30
ANA will be strengthening its onboard medical support services, principally on international flights, with the start of the new "ANA Doctor On Board" service in September. (Japan Today)
May 27
The number of international visitors to Tokyo exceeded 10 million last year for the first time. (NHK)
May 25
East Japan Railway Co.'s defunct sleeper express Akebono has been renovated into a hotel that opened recently at Kosaka Railroad Rail Park in Kosaka, Akita Prefecture. (the-japan-news.com)
May 24
Foreign visitors to Japan may soon have the option of showing their passports when checking in to their hotels or simply undergoing a fingerprint scan. (NHK)
May 24
A pilgrimage route stretching across Shikoku Island, one of Japan's four main islands, has been recently attracting more foreign visitors with various cultural and religious backgrounds with its unique charms. (Japan Today)
May 23
Seattle-based chain adapts to Kyoto style with summertime seats that offer a taste of traditional culture as you sip your coffee. (rocketnews24.com)
May 23
People who don't mind getting their hands dirty could do worse than visit one of the agricultural theme parks that have opened around the country in recent years. (the-japan-news.com)
May 22
Japan's huge tourism influx is greatly welcomed by politicians and select local service industries that are benefitting from the boom. (Japan Times)
May 20
On their travels across Japan, many people skip right by Nagoya, which is kind of a shame. Sure, the capital of Aichi Prefecture may not be able to match the limitless variety of Tokyo or the historical pedigree of Kyoto, but Nagoya has its own set of attractions, such as a beautiful castle and the best chicken wings in the country. (rocketnews24.com)
May 19
The estimated number of visitors to Japan in April jumped 18.0 percent from a year earlier to 2,081,800, breaking the record high of 2,009,500 set in the previous month, the Japan National Tourism Organization said Wednesday. (the-japan-news.com)
May 18
Japan's Foreign Ministry plans to adopt a new design for its passport visa pages based on a series of centuries-old woodblock prints of Mount Fuji. (NHK)
May 18
A UNESCO advisory panel has recommended putting the main building of the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and 16 other buildings designed by Le Corbusier on the world body's list of cultural heritage sites, the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs said Tuesday. (Jiji Press)
May 16
People in Kyoto celebrated one of their city's 3 main annual festivals on Sunday. (NHK)
May 16
Japan's government plans to help revive tourism in southwestern areas of the country hit by last month's powerful earthquakes. (NHK)
May 15
The government wants "love hotels," which offer rooms to couples, converted into regular hotels to address an expected shortage of accommodations in the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, a source said Saturday. (Japan Times)
May 14
The Japanese government will ease rules on multiple-entry visas for Chinese visitors before this summer, as part of efforts to achieve its goal of 40 million foreign visitors in 2020, officials said Friday. (Jiji Press)
May 13
The Sanja Matsuri, a symbolic festival of Tokyo that attracts more than 1.8 million people to the Asakusa district in Taito Ward, will be held from Friday. (the-japan-news.com)
May 12
Media crews have been allowed into the central part of Kumamoto Prefecture's castle for the first time since it was damaged in a series of earthquakes that began in mid-April. (NHK)
May 12
H.I.S. Co., a major Japanese travel agency, said Wednesday it has canceled a sales campaign offering customers the chance to travel with "beautiful girls" from the University of Tokyo. (Japan Times)
May 09
Thousands of people have participated in Tokyo's annual Rainbow Pride parade in support of sexual diversity. (NHK)
May 08
About 430 bullet train passengers were stranded for five hours from Saturday night to early Sunday on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line in Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture, after their train hit an apparently suicidal person, police said. (Japan Times)
May 08
The government plans to ease visa requirements for foreign ski instructors to help attract leisure skiers from abroad amid the sport's declining popularity in Japan, a government source said Saturday. (Kyodo)
May 07
Kyushu Railway is resuming tours on a luxury sleeper train following last month's deadly earthquakes in southern Japan, which closed part of the route. (Nikkei)
May 06
Kyoto Tango Railway's gourmet sightseeing train Kuro-Matsu, which runs through the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, has begun a new service, in which chefs cook local foods in front of the passengers. (the-japan-news.com)
May 06
Dazzling fireworks adorning the night sky are an indispensable feature of a Tokyo summer. This year's Sumida River Fireworks Festival, cosponsored by The Yomiuri Shimbun, is scheduled to be held on July 30. (the-japan-news.com)
May 04
Japan's highways, railways and airports were crowded on Tuesday as travelers head for their hometowns or holiday resorts for the spring holidays. (NHK)
May 03
The information center at the 5th station of Japan's iconic Mount Fuji has opened, kicking off the 2016 tourist season. The center offers information in 7 languages. (NHK)
Apr 30
West Japan Railway Co. opened the nation's largest railway museum to the public in Kyoto on Friday. (the-japan-news.com)
Apr 30
It's the first day of spring holidays in Japan, when people travel in droves to more leisurely destinations. But this year, many were seen heading southwest for the quake-hit area of Kumamoto Prefecture. (NHK)
Apr 30
The Tokyo metropolitan government is planning to make the capital's busiest rail station more user-friendly ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. (NHK)
Apr 29
The annual "Golden Week" holiday exodus has begun in Japan. (NHK)
Apr 29
One of the major expressways in Japan's earthquake-hit southwestern region of Kyushu fully reopened on Friday. (NHK)
Apr 28
The Environment Ministry plans to permanently allow cat cafes to stay open until 10 p.m. from June, extending a temporary measure after finding the later hours make little difference to the animals' stress, ministry officials said Wednesday. (Japan Times)
Apr 28
The Kyushu Shinkansen is now operating along its entire route after a 13-day suspension triggered by the earthquakes in southwestern Japan. (NHK)
Apr 27
SkiJapan.com is pleased to announce an exciting addition to our Japan winter season - HAVEN Niseko – a brand new boutique luxury chalet-hotel for the 2016/17 accommodation selection, reflecting the heart and soul of Niseko. (SkiJapan.com)
Apr 26
The Hokkaido Tourism Organization has revised a booklet on bad manners aimed at Chinese tourists after a local resident said it assumed Chinese lack common sense. (Japan Times)
Apr 25
The last Tsukiji Market festival will be held in its current location in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, on May 3, ahead of the wholesale market's relocation to the Toyosu district in Tokyo's Koto Ward later this year. (the-japan-news.com)
Apr 25
The Sunshine 60 Observatory in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, reopened on Thursday with the new name Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory following recent renovations. The facility now also features new rides. (the-japan-news.com)
Apr 22
Dutch-themed amusement park Huis Ten Bosch has unveiled plans to open a "robot kingdom" featuring over 200 automatons on the premises in July, part of a long-term strategy to revolutionize Japan's anemic service sector. (Nikkei)
Apr 21
Kumamoto Castle has been opened to the media for the first time since it was damaged by powerful earthquakes that struck Kyushu Island in southern Japan. (NHK)
Apr 21
More than 2-million foreign travelers visited Japan in March, the highest number ever for a single month. The amount of money they spend in the country is also increasing. (NHK)
Apr 20
A major Tokyo-based taxi company applied early this month to the transport ministry to reduce its minimum taxi fare to ¥410, aiming to attract passengers even for short distances. (the-japan-news.com)
Apr 19
Kumamoto Airport in quake-stricken Kyushu reopened to commercial flights on Tuesday, but it is unable to offer security checks and baggage handling, so planes are leaving empty. (Japan Times)
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