Jun 12
A panel of experts of the Tokyo metropolitan government came up with additional pollution control measures for the Toyosu wholesale market on Sunday. (Jiji)

Jun 11
The US military says an emergency landing of the Osprey transport aircraft at an airport southwestern Japan was a precautionary measure to avoid any accident. (NHK)

Jun 09
Japan’s parliament enacted on Friday government-sponsored special legislation to allow Emperor Akihito to step down, paving the way for the first succession from a living Emperor in about 200 years in the country. (Jiji)

Jun 09
The House of Councillors on Friday enacted a bill to fully allow the operations of “minpaku” private lodging services across Japan, where visitors from abroad are increasing. (Jiji)

Jun 09
The House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, approved on Thursday a bill to revise the Penal Code to impose tougher penalties for sex crimes. (Jiji)

Jun 08
A special committee of the House of Councillors, the upper chamber of Japan’s parliament, on Wednesday passed government-sponsored special legislation for Emperor Akihito’s abdication. (Jiji)

Jun 07
The submission of a bill to strengthen measures to curb secondhand smoke in Japan is now likely to be deferred until after the current Diet session, as the health ministry and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party remain apart over restrictions on smoking in restaurants, senior LDP members said on Tuesday. (Jiji)

Jun 06
The US Defense Department says 2 aircraft carriers deployed in the Sea of Japan have now left, but that it will continue to monitor moves by North Korea. (NHK)

Jun 06
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he hopes that China’s “One Belt, One Road” economic initiative will be realized along the lines of international rules. (NHK)

Jun 06
Japan’s next-generation mainstay fighter aircraft, the F35 stealth jet, has been shown to the public. (NHK)