Nov 23
多くのオンラインストア・小売業が直面する課題が在庫です。在庫を抱えるということは、いろいろなコストがかかります。売れる商品でも流行の変化で在庫回転率が悪化するリスクもあります。そんな在庫リスク・コストを軽減するために、在庫を持たずにネットショップ開業・運営できる「ドロップシッピング」というネット販売ビジネスを利用する事業者が増えています。 (
Jul 31
Worldwide consumerism fluctuates regularly, with new purchase trends emerging among enthusiast shoppers. Japan seems to come a contently increase choice for the regular shopper, bringing new amazing products to the table on the regular, and a boost in e-commerce has been noticed across the last year. (
Jun 12
Think back to when you were a child. Do you remember how your mother would always say that back in her time she never took so much lunch money? And then your grandmother chimed in to say that back in her time, S$1 would last her a month. In fact, if you ask your friends and relatives, they would all have similar stories to share. (

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