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How to "Get Used to" Japanese
18 Aug
I have an article in the Japan Times today: “Complicated characters: Let us now praise difficult kanji.” This column was inspired by two of my biggest Japanese-related realizations of all time: 1. Katakana are not inherently more difficult than hiragana. 2. … Continue reading
9 Aug
My review of Philip Gabriel’s translation of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage is online over at the: “Haruki Murakami’s new book peels back the layers of friendship.” But others have written smarter things than I have. Notably, … Continue reading
30 Jun
I have a new column up on the Japan Times: “Particles create the chemistry of adjectives and adverbs.” I actually drafted a blog post along these lines (with the whole chemistry analogy) way, way, waaay back in the day (when … Continue reading
8 Jun
Hey folks, sorry I haven’t rapped at ya lately. I’m still working my way through 女のいない男たち, but it’s been slow going and has derailed my work on Hard-boiled Wonderland: I’ve only read two stories and the forward so far, and … Continue reading
5 May
I have another column in the Japan Times today: “Drinking in Japan: Sober words to help you socialize.” It’s a fun column with some of the words you might encounter at a drinking party with coworkers…and an equally useful set … Continue reading
23 Apr
I got the new Murakami short story collection Men Without Women in the mail today! Here are my initial impressions: - It has a great cover. The art style is simple and almost like calligraphy in effect. I especially like the inclusion … Continue reading
21 Apr
Chapter 17 “End of the World, Charlie Parker, Time Bomb” is a very short chapter, which is fortunate because it’s largely exposition: The scientist’s granddaughter has arrived at Watashi’s apartment, and they chat about what the grandfather must be up … Continue reading
12 Apr
Chapter 16, “The Coming of Winter,” is another nice chapter in Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World where Murakami is beginning to set up the major connections between the two parts of the novel that will play out … Continue reading
29 Mar
Back to the real point of this blog – yeah, it’s a Murakami blog these days despite my two recent posts on the Japanese language. If you’re a new reader, here’s the idea: Haruki Murakami’s 1985 novel Hard-boiled Wonderland and … Continue reading
24 Mar
I’ve got another article in the Japan Times today: “Being laughed at can help your Japanese evolve.” Two months in a row! I’m on a role. But long-time readers will notice that I’ve really just mined content from two of … Continue reading
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