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How to "Get Used to" Japanese
23 May
Japanese students living outside of Japan sometimes have trouble finding reading material. There are no BookOFFs or Kinokuniyas in, say, Omaha, Nebraska. And most of the ebook sales platforms are region locked. You might counter with the fact that the … Continue reading
12 May
I’m in the Japan Times this week with an article about incomplete sentences in Japanese: “To be a more complete Japanese speaker, leave your sentences incomplete.” There are so many good examples, and I think I managed to include almost … Continue reading
25 Apr
The other day I suddenly remembered the phrase 半ケツ. I’m not sure what prompted it. I mean, I have as many random sexual thoughts as your average red-blooded American male, but this was not sexual in nature…at least not completely. … Continue reading
1 Apr
I’m in The Japan Times again this week with an article about how to offer your condolences: “Condolences: what to say when there’s nothing you can say.” I’ve had this happen to me twice now. I detail the first one … Continue reading
10 Mar
I’m on the Japan Times Bilingual Page today: “To furu or furareru: In any lingo, breaking up is hard to do.” Sadly the piece is inspired by a true story. As is my MO these days, I dug deep in … Continue reading
5 Mar
Hello from Narita Airport! I spent the last two days at the After JET Conference as a career consultant. The After JET Conference used to be called the Returner’s Conference, but it has since been adjusted because many JETs hope … Continue reading
20 Feb
Chapter 29 has some clear changes right from the beginning: The chapter title in the Complete Works edition is “Lake, Pantyhose” while in English translation and in the original paperback it is “Lake, Masatomi Kondo, Pantyhose.” In this chapter, Watashi … Continue reading
4 Feb
I’m on the Japan Times Bilingual page this week with a piece about learning how to read in Japanese: “Look to ‘senpai’ to help take your Japanese reading to the next level.” These are all true stories. Paul laughed at … Continue reading
18 Jan
I don’t really believe in microaggressions when it comes to Japan. I mean, I get it, there are definitely subconscious assumptions being made about foreigners, but I don’t think they are necessarily demeaning. Often annoying, but not always demeaning. (Conscious … Continue reading
22 Dec
Chapter 28 “Musical Instruments” is a short End of the World chapter. Boku and the Librarian meet the Caretaker of the Power Station, a quiet young man with a collection of instruments he enjoys looking at. Boku peruses the instruments, … Continue reading
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