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1 Dec
Beijing suffered its worst air pollution of the year on Monday.

30 Nov
Violence quickly erupted between French riot police and a group of several hundred at a major square that was the site of a peaceful demonstration earlier.

29 Nov
A theft from a Macau junket operator has hastened the demise of a business model that relied on corrupt Chinese officials, businessmen.

28 Nov
Chikungunya, a painful, mosquito-borne virus that's spreading fast across the Americas, can be more serious than feared, researchers report.

27 Nov
All told, almost 13 million people were under winter storm, winter weather or ice storm warnings, and conditions might not improve until Sunday.

26 Nov
A registered sex offender made it through a TSA checkpoint with a boarding pass that belonged to a female passenger, officials said.

26 Nov
A new video is raising questions about security at airports across the nation.

26 Nov
A Russian jet is shot down, a video ignites Chicago protests, California glows after a winter storm and more.

26 Nov
Americans trying to get out of town for Thanksgiving face more intense screening, longer security lines and a scary global warning U.S. authorities.

25 Nov
A three-day strike at Germany's flagship airline, Lufthansa, has been averted after a cabin crew union said it would hold further talks with the firm.

25 Nov
Americans traveling for Thanksgiving face more intense screening, longer security lines and travel fears.

25 Nov
Californians dreaming of escaping traffic-clogged climes have good reason.

25 Nov
One of the most secretive countries on earth just opened its airspace to tourists for the first time.

25 Nov
After declining for most of the past decade, traffic deaths spiked 8 percent in the first half of 2015, new data from the federal government show.

24 Nov
The Thanksgiving travel rush is already shifting into gear, with millions of Americans hitting the road and heading to airports

24 Nov
Travel purveyors are doing their best to ensure that turkey, "Star Wars" toys and TVs aren't the only things that have consumers excited this week.

24 Nov
Serbia and Macedonia, which lie on the main migrant route to northern Europe, have begun restricting the entry of refugees to just those from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

23 Nov
Airplanes spent 23 minutes and 32 seconds, on average, taxiing between gates and runways in 2015, an Associated Press analysis shows.

21 Nov
Adrianne Haslet-Davis, injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, thanked the airline on Twitter after her luggage was lost, and then found.

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