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NBC News Travel
27 Apr
A Bronx man was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for attempting to board a flight with 18 pounds of marijuana in his luggage, police said.

25 Apr
A Kentucky woman is begging the governor to spare precious bourbon from being destroyed by the state.

25 Apr
A 25-year-old nurse found herself in the middle of a medical drama in the air when passengers began to fall ill on board a SkyWest Airlines flight.

24 Apr
Bookings are rising for the cruise industry, a sign that people are feeling better about their finances and forgiving of the industry's reputation.

22 Apr
The solar powered plane landed in eastern China, completing the sixth leg of its voyage around the world.

21 Apr
Fliers will get a tiny bit of relief on airfare from the savings airlines are enjoying on fuel costs.

20 Apr
Customers report being slightly more pleased with airlines, but the industry still ranks low on a customer satisfaction index.

19 Apr
Technology that would allow planes to be controlled remotely in situations similar to the Germanwings tragedy is being eyed by German authorities.

18 Apr
A Southwest Airlines passenger was removed from the plane after she poked her snoring seatmate with a pen, the airline said.

17 Apr
A long time ago, at a departure gate far, far away...

17 Apr
The man who was trapped in an airborne jet's baggage compartment told a 911 operator: "Can you please tell somebody stop it? ... I can't breathe!"

17 Apr
The acting administrator for the TSA said an alleged plot to fondle attractive men at security checkpoints have tarnished the agency's reputation.

17 Apr
United will expand its coach meal service and begin offering free beer and wine on international flights.

16 Apr
Two TSA employees were fired and now stand accused of conspiring to grope male passengers at Denver International Airport. KUSA's Steve Staeger reports.

16 Apr
Denver police have reactivated the investigation into a male screener at Denver's airport who allegedly hatched a scheme to grope attractive men.

16 Apr
The new design, which is set to be featured in the economy section of the A380 Superjumbo is likely to leave more passengers wrestling for elbow room.

14 Apr
An Asiana passenger jet skidded after landing at Japan's Hiroshima Airport Tuesday.

14 Apr
After 23 years, American Airlines is slowly retiring the backbone of its fleet for more fuel efficient planes.

14 Apr
The quality of airline service deteriorated last year as carriers continued to squeeze passengers in numerous ways.

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