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NBC News Travel
11 Feb
Climate change could impact transatlantic travel, making eastbound flights longer and costing airlines an extra $22 million per year in fuel.

10 Feb
An Alaska Airlines plane was forced to land midway through its flight after an intoxicated passenger became abusive and threatened crew members.

9 Feb
The proposal drew praise from the White House and criticism from environmentalists who said it would be too weak to actually slow global warming.

9 Feb
Brazilian authorities have advised pregnant partygoers at Carnival, the riotous celebration that has come to symbolize Brazil, not to kiss strangers,

8 Feb
Of the more than two million Airbnb listings, the one most booked is a mushroom-shaped dome surrounded by redwood and oak trees in Aptos, California.

6 Feb
Men who have traveled to Zika-affected zones should use a condom if they want to be absolutely sure they don't infect sex partners, federal healt

5 Feb
Companies of all sizes are trying to figure out what to do about holding events in and sending employees to countries affected by Zika.

5 Feb
Health department workers are spending the week spraying up and down the streets of Brazil's major cities, trying to kill Zika-carrying mosquitoes.

5 Feb
United and Delta and Europe's Lufthansa and Air France are offering to re-assign certain flight crew concerned about Zika-affected countries.

4 Feb
The sexual transmission of Zika in Dallas raises even more questions about the virus.

1 Feb
Passengers on an Amtrak train had a bumpy ride after objects struck their train, leaving a hole in at least one window.

31 Jan
Zika virus is "spreading explosively" across Latin America and the Caribbean. But if you want to know about some home-grown viruses, read on.

29 Jan
Airlines and cruise lines are offering free refunds and rebooking for pregnant women and their companions amid growing concern about the Zika virus.

29 Jan
The WHO is calling a top-level meeting about Zika virus next week, to decide whether the fast spread of the virus is a global emergency.

28 Jan
Could Zika become the next Ebola? Top public health experts say the fast-spreading virus has caught the world unprepared again and are urging action.

27 Jan
Costa Rica reported its first case of Zika virus infection as the mysterious virus spreads across the Americas.

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