May 27
A giant deepwater shark known as a megamouth has been found alive in a fishing net in the Pacific Ocean off Mie Prefecture, western Japan. (NHK)

May 25
Major Japanese electronics maker Hitachi has developed technology to make breast cancer screening more accurate. (NHK)

May 22
Four stork chicks whose mother was shot dead by a hunter in Shimane Prefecture will be raised at a specialist breeding facility, a local education board said Sunday. (Japan Today)

May 19
Officials at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo say their giant panda Shin Shin has been showing what may be signs of pregnancy. (NHK)

May 19
The city government of Nagoya, central Japan, has caught one of the two alligator gars that have been spotted inhabiting the expansive moat of Nagoya Castle. (Jiji)

May 18
One of the reactors at Takahama nuclear plant in the central Japanese prefecture of Fukui has been restarted for the first time in 15 months. (NHK)

May 16
Japanese companies, municipalities and citizens have fallen prey to cyberattacks that began hitting targets worldwide late last week, it was learned Monday. (Jiji)

May 15
The cyberattack that spread malicious software called ransomware is becoming a global issue, and Japan’s National Police Agency says it has confirmed 2 assaults inside the country. (NHK)

May 14
A small town in northeastern Japan has launched for its residents a unique health checkup program using dogs that can sniff out cancer. (Jiji)

May 12
A 1-year-old girl became the youngest lung transplant recipient in Japan on Thursday after being given the organs taken from a brain-dead boy, according to a hospital in western Japan’s Okayama Prefecture, which performed the surgery. (Japan Today)