May 10
Japan’s Fisheries Agency has given 14 prefectures an additional quota of 122.2 tons for small Pacific bluefin tuna catches in total, though the country’s overall catches this season exceeded the limit set under an international accord. (Jiji)

May 08
A sandstorm was observed Sunday stretching from western to northern Japan, including the Kanto region, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. (Japan Today)

May 07
The Aomori prefectural government is gearing up to capture all Japanese deer inside the prefecture. The prefecture had not been the animal’s habitat for a long time, but it has reappeared in recent years. (

May 02
A Japanese man has dropped a lawsuit seeking removal of his arrest history for child prostitution from Google Inc’s search engine. (Japan Today)

Apr 29
Japanese Coast Guard officials monitoring resurgent volcanic activity on Nishinoshima Island in the Pacific say lava has reached the shore. (NHK)

Apr 29
Japanese authorities are warning ships to exercise caution in waters around Bayonnaise Rocks, a small volcano in the Pacific Ocean about 400 kilometers off Tokyo.

Apr 28
The possibility of a powerful earthquake of lower 6 or above on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7 occurring in the next 30 years has slightly increased, mainly on the Pacific side of Japan, a government report showed Thursday. (Jiji)

Apr 28
Japanese researchers said Thursday they have unearthed the remains of an 8-meter-long Hadrosaurid, dating from around 72 million years ago, in the mountains of Hokkaido, making it the largest fossilized dinosaur skeleton discovered in the country. (Japan Times)

Apr 26
Japan’s catches of smaller Pacific bluefin tuna this season are very close to topping the annual limit set under an international accord for resources conservation. (

Apr 18
The number of rockets Japan will launch for its key space projects will total a record figure of eight in fiscal 2017. (Nikkei)