Sep 06
Japan’s first private-sector effort to build rocket-launching facilities is underway as new aerospace legislation paves the way for meeting growth in demand for small observation satellites. (Nikkei)

Sep 05
A team of Kyoto University researchers announced Tuesday that they have discovered a chemical compound that may help nerve cells grow in the brains of people with Down syndrome and improve their learning ability. (Japan Times)

Sep 04
A test of self-driving bus services organized by the transport ministry kicked off at a michi no eki roadside rest area in Tochigi Prefecture on Saturday. (Japan Times)

Sep 02
Japan, the United States, South Korea and seven other economies agreed on Friday to introduce a new rule of changing catch quotas for bluefin tuna in the western Pacific, including waters around Japan, depending on the degree of stock recovery. (Jiji)

Sep 02
The hunting season for dolphins using a controversial “drive-hunting” method began in the whaling town of Taiji in western Japan on Friday, but an approaching typhoon forced the hunt to be called off on the first day without a catch. (Japan Today)

Sep 01
Recent data on the production of scientific papers by country point to an overall decline in Japan’s capabilities to pursue scientific research. (Japan Times)

Sep 01
Google Inc has issued an apology for the large-scale communication failure that occurred around noon on Aug 25 in Japan, saying that its incorrect settings caused the failure. (Japan Today)

Aug 31
A Kyoto University research team said that it has confirmed the safety and function of cells produced from human induced pluripotent stem, or iPS, cells that were transplanted to monkeys exhibiting a model of Parkinson’s disease. (Jiji)

Aug 31
A Japanese probe orbiting Venus has observed especially strong winds over the planet’s equator. (NHK)

Aug 29
Sea Shepherd has pulled the plug on its decade-long mission to stop Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean, saying it can’t match the economic and technological power of the government in Tokyo. (