Jan 03
Work for a magnetic levitation Shinkansen bullet train line has started in various related locations, with 10 years to go before the scheduled launch in 2027 of the services that will link Tokyo and Nagoya, central Japan, in only 40 minutes at the fastest. (Jiji)

Dec 30
The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force icebreaker Shirase on Wednesday reached Showa Station, succeeding in berthing at Japan’s Antarctic research base for the fourth straight year. (Jiji)

Dec 29
A strong earthquake hit Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo, on Wednesday night. There was no threat of tsunami. (NHK)

Dec 28
The number of people suffering from infectious gastroenteritis, mainly caused by norovirus, is increasing in Japan, according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. (

Dec 27
Hygiene in daily life is crucial for living a healthy life and while technology has been helping maintain hygiene, it needs a lot of effort when it comes to maintaining hygiene, be it bacteria being left on notes from ATM machines or studies suggesting that smartphone screens having more germs than a toilet seat. (

Dec 27
The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry plans to install free Wi-Fi hotspots in about 30,000 locations across the nation by 2020, including public schools, parks run by municipalities and museums, it has been learned. (

Dec 21
Japan’s space agency has successfully launched the second version of its Epsilon small rocket. (NHK)

Dec 19
The Japanese government will decommission the Monju nuclear reactor in Fukui prefecture after a series of safety problems. (NHK)

Dec 17
Highly pathogenic avian influenza has been confirmed at a chicken farm in the town of Shimizu, Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, the prefectural government said Friday. (Jiji)

Dec 16
A private Japanese company will team up with the country’s space agency to jointly explore the possibility of resource development on the lunar surface. (NHK)