Kagoshima is a historical city watched over by the looming bulk of Sakurajima (桜島), an active volcano that regularly dumps ash over the city and erupts a bit every now and then to remind people it’s still there. The home of near-mythical samurai hero Saigo Takamori, it’s full of sites related to the Satsuma Rebellion.

Sakurajima, Kagoshima’s temperamental (and active) volcano can be reached by ferry in a matter of minutes. Face your fear and get up close and personal – just don’t wear too much white, as the ash will leave you looking slightly grey. Yunohira Lookout is a two hours hike or 15 minutes drive from Sakurajima harbor and gives you a good view both to Kagoshima harbor and Sakurajima volcano. There are also a couple of other lookout points, where you can take a closer look at the volcano. Because Sakurajima is essentially an active volcano, remember that tourists are forbidden to go within 2 km of the crater.

Tsurumaru Castle Once the castle of the Shimazu clan who governed the Satsuma domain till the Meiji Restoration, it was destroyed during the Satsuma Rebellion. The only parts remaining today are the wall and the moat. Since it’s around so many sights and monument around Kagoshima, it’s a nice sight to see and it contains the Reimeikan.

Kagoshima Prefectural Museum of Culture (Reimeikan)
Beautiful museum with nice expositions retracing the origin and evolution of the first habitants of the southern Kyushu area till the Meiji restoration. Generic information is available in english but for more details about the differents pieces contained in the exposition, a Japanese reading friend should be brought to fully enjoy all the information available.…WikiTravel


17 Nov

Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko have begun a three-day trip to remote islands in southwestern Japan. (NHK)

20 Oct

Japan’s volcanic eruption prediction committee offered the view Thursday that a major eruption may occur at Mount Shinmoe in the southwestern region of Kyushu. (Jiji)

16 Oct

The government expanded the no-go zone around Mt Shinmoe in Kyushu on Sunday as volcanic activities intensified. (Japan Today)

14 Oct

Japan’s Meteorological Agency says a volcano in the country’s southwest has erupted again, following an eruption on Wednesday. (NHK)

12 Oct

A volcano in southwestern Japan is erupting for the first time in six years and spread ash in nearby cities and towns. (Japan Today)

6 Sep

Japan’s first private-sector effort to build rocket-launching facilities is underway as new aerospace legislation paves the way for meeting growth in demand for small observation satellites. (Nikkei)

31 Aug

Ammunition and a hand grenade were found in garbage brought into a waste-processing facility on the island of Amami Oshima last week, reports TV Asahi (tokyoreporter.com)

14 Aug

Nine people died and around 30 sustained injuries while engaging in leisure activities at sea, on mountains or at other spots Sunday, when people were taking advantage of the Bon holiday season, according to a tally compiled by Kyodo News. (Japan Times)

10 Aug

Rest your body and wallet as you travel half-way across the country in your sleep. (rocketnews24.com)

5 Aug

People in western Japan are bracing for another violent storm. Typhoon Noru is bringing powerful winds and heavy rain. Two people have died, and 12 others have been injured. (NHK)

31 Jul

Fukuoka Prefectural Police on Saturday arrested one of their own on suspicion of possession of marijuana. (Japan Today)

31 Jul

A 7-year-old boy fell to his death from the 8th floor of a Kagoshima prefectural housing complex on Sunday. (Japan Today)

23 Jul

Smugglers are suspected of using a new method to get gold bars into Japan. They are hiding them behind the toilet walls on low-cost carrier aircraft that fly both international and domestic routes. (NHK)

11 Jul

A strong earthquake has struck Kagoshima prefecture in southwestern Japan.

29 Jun

Kagoshima District Court on Wednesday granted a retrial for a woman, 90, who completed a prison term for killing a 42 year-old male farmer in the town of Osaki, Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, in 1979. (Jiji)

12 Jun

Two hikers in their 60s were found dead Monday on a mountain on the island of Yakushima in Kagoshima Prefecture, police said. (Japan Times)

11 Jun

The US military says an emergency landing of the Osprey transport aircraft at an airport southwestern Japan was a precautionary measure to avoid any accident. (NHK)

29 May

Billed as a domestically developed version of the Global Positioning System, the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) Michibiki No. 2 satellite will be launched on Thursday from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture. (the-japan-news.com)

26 May

An elderly man was arrested Friday on suspicion of starting a fire on seat aboard a shinkansen that was traveling through Okayama Prefecture, police and the train operator said. (Japan Times)

18 May

One of the reactors at Takahama nuclear plant in the central Japanese prefecture of Fukui has been restarted for the first time in 15 months. (NHK)

28 Apr

Mount Sakurajima had its first major eruption in nine months on Friday, sending a plume of ash high over Kagoshima Prefecture, the Meteorological Agency said. (Japan Times)

27 Mar

A team of researchers in Japan has succeeded in filming the moment when an Amami rabbit, a rare species, was preyed on by a feral cat. (NHK)

14 Mar

The luxury cruise ship Queen Elizabeth arrived at Kobe port in western Japan on Monday ahead of its first cruise departing from and returning to Japan. (scmp.com)

3 Mar

Japan’s government is to recommend that UNESCO put 10 of the country’s traditional community festivals on its list of intangible cultural heritage. (NHK)

23 Feb

The government’s Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion newly added 16 faults to a list of major active fault zones in which a magnitude-7 or larger earthquake could occur. (the-japan-news.com)