Kagoshima is a historical city watched over by the looming bulk of Sakurajima (桜島), an active volcano that regularly dumps ash over the city and erupts a bit every now and then to remind people it’s still there. The home of near-mythical samurai hero Saigo Takamori, it’s full of sites related to the Satsuma Rebellion.

Sakurajima, Kagoshima’s temperamental (and active) volcano can be reached by ferry in a matter of minutes. Face your fear and get up close and personal – just don’t wear too much white, as the ash will leave you looking slightly grey. Yunohira Lookout is a two hours hike or 15 minutes drive from Sakurajima harbor and gives you a good view both to Kagoshima harbor and Sakurajima volcano. There are also a couple of other lookout points, where you can take a closer look at the volcano. Because Sakurajima is essentially an active volcano, remember that tourists are forbidden to go within 2 km of the crater.

Tsurumaru Castle Once the castle of the Shimazu clan who governed the Satsuma domain till the Meiji Restoration, it was destroyed during the Satsuma Rebellion. The only parts remaining today are the wall and the moat. Since it’s around so many sights and monument around Kagoshima, it’s a nice sight to see and it contains the Reimeikan.

Kagoshima Prefectural Museum of Culture (Reimeikan)
Beautiful museum with nice expositions retracing the origin and evolution of the first habitants of the southern Kyushu area till the Meiji restoration. Generic information is available in english but for more details about the differents pieces contained in the exposition, a Japanese reading friend should be brought to fully enjoy all the information available.…WikiTravel


5 Dec

An increasing number of national parks and other scenic areas in Japan are collecting voluntary entry payments from visitors for environmental protection and infrastructure improvements, including the creation of pathways and the installation of bathrooms.
(Japan Times)

9 Oct

A zookeeper died after a white tiger mauled him Monday afternoon at a zoological park in Kagoshima, rescue workers said. (Japan Today)

4 Aug

A university hospital in southwestern Japan says that over the past 2 years, 15 patients appear to have been infected with drug-resistant bacteria.

7 Jul

Officials in Japan say the death toll from floods and landslides caused by record rainfall in the western part of the country has reached 114.

7 Jul

Record rainfall has caused floods and landslides over a wide area from Kyushu to Tokai. (NHK)

15 Jun

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, has released new images of the Ryugu asteroid taken by its probe Hayabusa-2. (NHK)

12 Jun

Japan has put another satellite into orbit to gather intelligence for national security purposes. (NHK)

29 Apr

Police served on Saturday a fresh arrest warrant on a 38-year-old man for the murders of two of the five people he has confessed to killing at a home in Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture. (Japan Today)

27 Apr

Mount Ioyama in southwestern Japan has erupted again a week after its first eruption in 250 years. (NHK)

23 Apr

The world’s oldest person, a 117-year-old Japanese woman, has died. Nabi Tajima died of old age in a hospital Saturday evening in Kikai, Kagoshima Prefecture, town official Susumu Yoshiyuki confirmed. (Japan Times)

20 Apr

The Meteorological Agency says an eruption has occurred at Mount Ioyama in southwestern Japan, spewing volcanic rocks around the crater.

11 Apr

Japanese social media users fall in love as dog chases down Google Street View car many times its size. (soranews24.com)

8 Apr

Police arrested a 38-year-old male relative Saturday after three people were found dead in a house in the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima. (Japan Today)

26 Mar

A series of explosive eruptions has been observed at a volcano in southwestern Japan, after a lull of 10 days. The Meteorological Agency is warning people to stay away from Mount Shinmoe, and is maintaining an alert level of 3, on a scale of 1 to 5. (NHK)

20 Mar

A Somei-Yoshino cherry tree being monitored in Kochi reached full bloom on Monday, the Metrological Agency said. (Japan Times)

19 Mar

The Fisheries Agency plans to reduce next season’s quota for small Pacific bluefin tuna that can be caught off Hokkaido and Kagoshima Prefecture effectively to zero, and greatly reduce the quotas for Iwate and Kochi prefectures, as these prefectures have significantly exceeded their quotas for this season. (the-japan-news.com)

10 Mar

Another eruption at a volcano in southwestern Japan sent smoke soaring to a height of 4,500 meters, the highest altitude reached since volcanic activity began 9 days ago. (NHK)

7 Mar

Mount Shinmoe, a volcano in southwestern Japan, has erupted explosively for the first time in 7 years. Japan’s Meteorological Agency is warning people not to go near the mountain. (NHK)

28 Feb

Japan has successfully sent a new government information-gathering satellite into orbit. (NHK)

16 Feb

Slightly increased volcanic activity has been reported at Mount Io in southwest Japan. (NHK)

10 Feb

A green turtle died as oil reached the southern Amami-Oshima Island coast, the local government said Thursday, but it was not clear whether the oil came from an Iranian tanker that sank in nearby waters last month. (Japan Times)

4 Feb

Japan’s space agency has successfully test-launched a mini-rocket carrying a microsatellite. (NHK)

2 Feb

Oily objects that may have come from a tanker that sank off a southwestern island in Japan has reached the Japanese coast. (NHK)

22 Jan

A male teen held for allegedly stabbing a female high school student in the city of Kagoshima earlier this month told police his target “could be anyone,” investigative sources said Sunday. (Japan Times)

19 Jan

Shining night clouds were observed in skies over wide areas of western Japan after a rocket lifted off from southern Japan early on Thursday. (NHK)