Miyazaki is a tourism and resort area in southern Kyushu. It is not to be confused with the legendary Japanese animator and filmmaker, Hayao Miyazaki.

Aoshima (青島), (short walk from Aoshima Station on the JR Kyushu Nichinan Line, 30 minutes by car from Miyazaki station, 15 minutes by car from Miyazaki Airport). This is perhaps the main attraction. It is popular mostly because it is centrally located in front of the main beach resort area. That said, this small island is definately worth seeing in its own right. It has some rather unique geology with rock layers pointing up from the sea in a very dramatic way. There is also temple that is said to be helpful for finding a spouse.

Sun Messe Nichinan. exact replicas of 7 Moai Statues of Easter Island.

Udo Shrine. constructed in a cliff side cave.…WikiTravel


27 Sep

Typhoon Trami continues to wreak havoc across Japan after making landfall on its main island of Honshu on Sunday evening.

27 Apr

Mount Ioyama in southwestern Japan has erupted again a week after its first eruption in 250 years. (NHK)

10 Mar

Another eruption at a volcano in southwestern Japan sent smoke soaring to a height of 4,500 meters, the highest altitude reached since volcanic activity began 9 days ago. (NHK)

16 Feb

Slightly increased volcanic activity has been reported at Mount Io in southwest Japan. (NHK)

16 Oct

The government expanded the no-go zone around Mt Shinmoe in Kyushu on Sunday as volcanic activities intensified. (Japan Today)

20 Aug

People are crowding into airports and train stations in Japan as they return from “bon” summer holiday travels. (NHK)

2 Jun

Aichi Prefecture said Thursday it will build a theme park based on an anime by director Hayao Miyazaki with the aim of opening it in the early 2020s. (Japan Times)