Okinawa (沖縄) is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan, an island chain to the south of mainland. The name Okinawa means “rope in the open sea”, a fairly apt description of this long stretch of islands between mainland Japan and Taiwan. Consisting of 49 inhabited islands and 111 uninhabited islands, Okinawa has a subtropical/tropical climate. Unlike the other Japanese subtropical/tropical islands such as Ogasawara Islands, Amami Islands and Tokara Islands, there are frequent flights from all the major cities of Japan, which helps Okinawa being one of the major tourist destinations for the Japanese. Every year there are more and more foreign visitors going to Okinawa but the number still remains low compared to the tourist destinations on mainland Japan.

Diving. The Okinawa archipelago is known as one of the world’s best diving destinations, having a number of coral species and marine lives as large as those in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. You can find over 400 types of corals, 5 types of sea turtles, manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and many kinds of tropical fish.

Beach. Most people come to Okinawa for the sun and beaches. Even in midwinter, when many areas of the mainland Japan teeter around the freezing point, temperatures rarely dip below 15°C in Okinawa. For more adventurous types, the vast yet almost uninhabited island of Iriomote is covered in dense jungle.

Historical sites related to World War II can be found throughout the islands, especially the main island of Okinawa, including the Peace Memorial Park in Naha, the navy’s former underground headquarters and the Himeyuri Monument. …WikiTravel


10 Mar

A Japanese government survey shows that business sentiment among workers sharply dropped in February due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

29 Feb

Japan’s airline companies are warning passengers not to carry sanitizing products containing substances prohibited by law, as the number of cases in the country of passengers taking such goods onto planes is increasing.

20 Feb

Authorities in some prefectures where people are confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus are providing multilingual information services for foreigners visiting or living in Japan.

20 Feb

Multinational companies are avoiding travel to and from Japan over fears the country could be the next hot spot in the coronavirus outbreak. (Nikkei)

20 Feb

Japanese authorities confirmed 705 cases of the new coronavirus as of 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

15 Feb

Japan saw several new cases of coronavirus infection reported on Friday, leading health officials to try and establish just how they contracted the virus. The latest cases bring the number of infected people in Japan to 259, including 218 from a cruise ship.

13 Feb

A Japanese lawmaker who has been indicted for accepting bribes in connection with a government-led integrated resort project has been released on bail.

8 Feb

The coronavirus outbreak in China is wreaking havoc in the cruise industry, turning luxury Asian vacations into voyages to nowhere as the ships are denied entry at multiple ports. (Nikkei)

8 Feb

Fears of an epidemic on board a cruise ship off Yokohama came to a head Friday as the health ministry reported 41 more coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 61 so far.
(Japan Times)

7 Feb

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday that Japan has decided to refuse entry to noncitizen passengers on board a luxury cruise ship that is set to arrive in the country later this week as some are suspected to be infected with the new coronavirus.
(Japan Times)

2 Feb

The number of people moving into Tokyo and its vicinity exceeded the number of those moving out of the area in 2019 by 148,783, up 8,915 from the previous year for the third consecutive year of increase, according to government data (Japan Today)

6 Dec

The Japanese government approved 13.2 trillion yen (1 billion) worth of public stimulus spending on Thursday, with the economy due for a total infusion of 26 trillion yen if private-sector and other outlays are factored in.

26 Nov

There has always been a common link between dazzling casinos and high-profile sports matches. (

3 Nov

NHK has learned that security guards at Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan, first detected smoke in the northern side of the main hall in Thursday’s fire.

1 Nov

Police in Japan’s southern prefecture of Okinawa have told NHK that the entrance to the main hall at Shurijo Castle was found closed shortly after the fire started.

31 Oct

A fire is raging at Shuri Castle, a UNESCO’s World Heritage site in the southern prefecture of Okinawa. It started early Thursday morning. Fire trucks have rushed to the scene.

9 Oct

Japanese weather forecasters warn that a large and violent typhoon may approach wide areas from western to northern Japan over the weekend.

8 Oct

The extremely large typhoon Hagibis is gaining force over the Pacific south of Japan and is forecast to approach Kyushu, Shikoku and Honshu during the upcoming three-day weekend, the Meteorological Agency said. (Japan Times)

2 Oct

Yomiuri Giants captain Hayato Sakamoto was among the 28 players named Tuesday to the Japan national team for the upcoming Premier12, an international baseball event that doubles as a qualifier for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (Japan Times)

1 Oct

A large and strong typhoon is bringing heavy rains and powerful winds to parts of southwestern Japan.

30 Sep

Typhoon Mitag is expected to move close to the Sakishima Islands in the southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa on Monday.

21 Sep

A large severe tropical storm is approaching Japan and expected to gain strength. It may affect wide areas across the country over the three-day weekend. (NHK)

8 Sep

An undeclared North Korean ballistic missile base in the country’s southwest hosts medium-range missiles capable of striking half of Japan and anywhere in South Korea, a U.S. think tank says. (Japan Today)

7 Sep

Japan’s Meteorological Agency says a strong typhoon may bring downpours to Pacific coastal areas of western and eastern Japan. (NHK)

6 Sep

Powerful typhoon Lingling is moving north near the main island of Japan’s subtropical Okinawa Prefecture. It has already pummeled Miyakojima and nearby islands, leaving about 20,000 households without power. (NHK)