Shikoku (四国) is an oft-forgotten island in Japan. The smallest of Japan’s Big Four, it lies to the south of Honshu. The island is thought of as a rural backwater, with few must-see attractions, but a visit there can wash away those doubts; the mountainous inner regions offer some good hiking. It is also the home of the 88 Temple Pilgrimage of the Shingon sect of Buddhism.

Marugame Castle, Marugame

88 Temple Pilgrimage. The 88 Temple Pilgrimage is a famous but grueling 1,647-kilometer hike around the entire island.…WikiTravel


19 Jan

Shining night clouds were observed in skies over wide areas of western Japan after a rocket lifted off from southern Japan early on Thursday. (NHK)

12 Jan

Snow is falling heavily on the coast, along the Sea of Japan. Storms have also plastered parts of Shikoku and Kyushu in the southwest, where snow is rarely seen. (NHK)

14 Dec

For the first time, a Japanese high court has ordered the operator of a nuclear plant not to restart a reactor. (NHK)

20 Nov

Japanese railway companies plan to use data from seabed seismometers to quickly stop Shinkansen bullet trains when a major earthquake hits. (NHK)

14 Sep

Severe tropical storm Talim has made landfall on Japan’s northern main island of Hokkaido, after passing by the western coast of the country. It is packing strong winds and torrential rains. (NHK)

27 Aug

The Anime Tourism Association on Saturday announced 88 locations closely related to Japanese animation works, including the central Japan city of Hida, Gifu Prefecture, tied to the “Kimi no Na wa” (Your Name) blockbuster movie. (Jiji)

18 Aug

The Japanese government carried out Friday a drill for its emergency alert system in areas in and around the likely flight path of ballistic missiles North Korea has recently threatened to launch toward Guam.

(Japan Today)

7 Aug

A storm is ripping through the Japanese archipelago, bringing heavy rains to wide areas. 2 people are dead and 17 others are injured.

29 Jul

The Japanese government on Friday unveiled a plan to build underground repositories for the storage of highly radioactive waste from the disaster-struck Fukushima and other nuclear power plants in the country. (

19 Jul

This year’s rainy season seems to be over in the eastern to western Japan regions of Kanto-Koshin, Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku and Shikoku, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Wednesday. (Jiji)

21 Jun

A strong earthquake hit southwestern Japan late Monday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. (Japan Times)

7 Jun

The rainy season appears to have started in wide swaths of eastern, central and western Japan, the weather agency said Wednesday, warning of downpours and natural disasters during the roughly six-week period. (Japan Times)

31 May

An amateur historian has unearthed compelling evidence that the first Australian maritime foray into Japanese waters was by convict pirates on an audacious escape from Tasmania almost two centuries ago. (

30 May

Japan ranked 15th in the world in terms of the number of visitors from abroad last year, a government white paper said Tuesday. (Jiji)

24 Apr

A Kyoto-based Buddhist group with the largest number of followers in Japan is boosting its support to its member temples in other prefectures amid a shortage of incoming chief priests and a decline in danka (financial supporters). (Japan Times)

24 Apr

The Ground Self-Defense Force’s 14th Brigade rumbled through the city of Zentsuji, Kagawa Prefecture, on Sunday during a rare parade replete with combat vehicles. (Japan Times)

20 Mar

Some 30 percent of passenger railcars used by four Japan Railway companies have been in service since at least 1987, when the firms were created through the privatization of the Japanese National Railways, Jiji Press has learned. (Japan Times)

26 Nov

Local governments in the Shikoku region are working to have a local pilgrimage route featuring 88 Buddhist temples designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. (

17 Oct

A 37-year-old president of a company in Tottori Prefecture licensed to grow hemp has been arrested for possessing dried marijuana, sources at the health ministry said Monday. (Japan Times)

8 Oct

Mount Aso in Japan’s southern main island of Kyushu erupted early on Saturday morning. The volcano spewed ash over wide areas of western Japan. (NHK)

1 Sep

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 has hit Kumamoto Prefecture in southern Japan. (NHK)

13 Aug

Zentsuji in Kagawa Prefecture is the home to Japan’s SQUARE WATERMELONS and I travel to Shikoku Island to the very spot where they’ve been producing them for decades. (ONLY in JAPAN)

12 Aug

Shikoku Electric Power Co. said Friday that it has restarted a reactor at its Ikata power plant in western Japan, making it the fifth unit reactivated under tougher regulations set following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. (Kyodo)

1 Aug

Railway companies temporarily stopped trains and social media users were in a state of panic after the Meteorological Agency sent a false alarm of a magnitude-9 earthquake across wide parts of the Kanto region Monday afternoon. (Japan Times)

24 Jun

Heavy rain continued to pummel northern Kyushu, including quake-damaged Kumamoto Prefecture, through Thursday, with local governments urging some 703,000 people to evacuate. (Japan Times)