Located on the western coast of Tokyo Bay directly south of Tokyo, Yokohama (横浜) is the second largest city in Japan and one of the cities most used to seeing foreigners.

Yokohama was the first port opened up to foreign trade after the opening of Japan in 1854. At the forefront of the Meiji restoration, the first train line in Japan connected Tokyo and Yokohama. However, Yokohama was devastated by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and again by the firebombings of World War II, and never really regained its prominence. It remains a maritime city to this day and retains an international flavor.

Chinatown (中華街 Chūkagai), MM21 Motomachi-Chukagai Station. Yokohama’s Chinatown is the largest in Japan and dates back to the Opening of Japan in 1859. These days it’s unabashedly touristy, but there are plenty of Chinese grocery stores and places to buy a cheap cheongsam dress or jade knick-knacks.

Street Performance. There are many street performers, especially in Yamashita Park and Granmall Park (middle of Landmark Tower and Queens Square in Sakuragicho) every weekend. Above all, fire performance is so dynamic.

Ōsanbashi Pier (大さん橋). It is the main international pier at the Port of Yokohama, Naka Ward. The rooftop garden is open to public and is very beautiful, especially during sunset. …WikiTravel


24 Feb

As more foreign travelers visit the historic Japanese capital of Kyoto crowded and delayed city buses have become a headache for local citizens, prompting traffic authorities to take steps to ensure smoother passenger services and encourage the use of subway lines. (Japan Times)

23 Dec

People in a town in Yamanashi Prefecture, central Japan, that got up early enough on Friday were treated to the sight of the sun rising over the peak of Mount Fuji. (NHK)

16 Nov

Colorful autumn leaves are in their prime at a park in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, drawing many visitors. (NHK)

5 Sep

This restaurant-machine fusion is one small step for vending, one giant leap for vending-machine-kind. (

16 Jul

A luxury sightseeing train to run near Tokyo has been unveiled at a ceremony with train operators, local officials and the media. (NHK)

14 Mar

A project to establish a “gaslight promenade” about three kilometers long is about to kick off in Yokohama, where the first gaslights in Japan were introduced 145 years ago. (

19 Feb

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency is planning to provide 24-hour foreign language services for 119 emergency calls nationwide. (

23 Jan

The Japanese government wants city governments and cruise ship operators to join hands in building large harbors exclusively for cruise ships, eyeing an economic boost through increased tourism. (Nikkei)

23 Jan

The government has decided to launch an online service to allow foreign nationals to apply and update their residency status in Japan from fiscal 2018, one of a series of measures aimed at improving business efficiency to attract more foreign investment. (Japan Times)

19 Nov

The Royal Express, Japan’s newest and biggest tourist train, will start operations in July 2017. (Japan Today)

13 Nov

Japanese cities are fantastic places to explore with children, but if this column has proven anything, it’s that I like to get away from urban centers whenever I can. (Japan Times)

17 Jul

Let’s go to Japan, my wife said. ‘Why Japan?’ I asked. ‘Because it’s an old civilisation, we see its products everywhere and I don’t know anything about it. And, anyway, you love the food.’ (

2 Apr

The Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau (YCVB), which is very active in boosting the number of foreign tourists to their city, has recently produced a set of four videos to draw attention to the city as a major tourist destination and heighten awareness about its attractions. (Japan Today)

16 Feb

The Yokohama Parade is scheduled for May 4th 2016 and gives travellers an excellent insight into Japan’s unique culture. (

1 Dec

Japanese banks are trying to improve services to accommodate a growing number of foreign visitors, after many have pointed out inconveniences. (NHK)

23 Nov

Many leaves have not yet turned red in flat areas across eastern and western Japan – an abnormal situation for late autumn. (The Japan News)

5 Aug

Thousands of commuters and fireworks viewers were stranded in trains and some were forced to get off and walk on railway tracks Tuesday evening in Yokohama after service was suspended due to electricity failure caused by broken overhead cables, East Japan Railway Co. said. (Japan Times)

3 Dec

Tokyo kept its crown as the Michelin guide’s gourmet capital on Tuesday with the most starred restaurants for an eighth straight year, in the first guide released since UNESCO listed Japanese “washoku” cuisine an “intangible cultural heritage”. (Japan Today)

3 Nov

Approaching its 100th anniversary in December, the red brick building of JR Tokyo Station in the Marunouchi business district is a symbol of the capital that continues to defy the high-rises around it with its classical architecture and stately appearance. (Japan Times)

27 Oct

Hyogo prefecture is the only prefecture on the main island of Honshu that has a coastline both to the Pacific Ocean and to the Sea of Japan. With some 8,400 square kilometres, it ranks 12th and its 5.6 million inhabitants make it the seventh largest prefecture. (

8 Mar

Japan’s tallest skyscraper, the 300-meter Abeno Harukas, fully opened Friday morning in Osaka, western Japan. (Global Post)

6 Mar

Japan’s tallest building will open tomorrow in Osaka, as Asia’s third-biggest metropolitan economy aims to lure tourists and stem businesses from moving to Tokyo. (BusinessWeek)

31 Jan

Enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration in style at the Nagasaki Lantern Festival 2014, which kicks off on Jan. 31 and runs for two weeks in the city’s Chinatown and surrounding areas. (Japan Times)

12 Dec

Marriott Hotels is getting set to open Japan’s highest hotel suite in the country’s soon-to-be tallest skyscraper. (Asahi)

14 Oct

A British military band has paraded in the Japanese port city of Yokohama, near Tokyo, to mark 400 years of trade between Japan and Britain. (NHK)