Jan 08
Japan is stepping up efforts to expand automatic train operations to cope with a possible shortage of drivers amid its declining population, with East Japan Railway Co. conducting its latest self-driving test on Tokyo’s Yamanote loop line on Monday. (Kyodo)

Jan 07
Flight cancellations due to heavy snow in Hokkaido, northern Japan, left around 2,000 travelers stranded overnight at a key airport through Sunday, right at the end of the country’s New Year holidays. (Kyodo)

Jan 06
Heavy snow has forced cancellation of flights to and from Hokkaido, keeping holidaymakers from leaving the northern main island amid the peak of the “U-turn rush.”

Jan 02
Japan will start collecting from next Monday a departure tax of ¥1,000 for each person leaving the country by aircraft or ship regardless of nationality.
(Japan Times)

Jan 01
Thousands stranded for hours during Japan’s peak holiday travel period. (

Dec 30
Japan’s roads, railways and airports are packed on Saturday as people return to their hometowns or head elsewhere for the holidays.

Dec 29
Heavy snow fell on mountainous areas in Japan on Friday night. Snowfall also continued mostly along the Japan Sea coast from northern to western Japan.

Dec 26
Japan Airlines Co. said Tuesday an internal probe has concluded that a female flight attendant who tested positive for alcohol last week consumed alcohol while on duty. (Kyodo)

Dec 20
East Japan Railway Company (JR East) has begun a campaign to encourage commuters to stand still on escalators. The campaign began at Tokyo Station on Monday. (Japan Today)

Dec 17
A famous hot spa resort is offering an online map showing “onsen” spots available for tattooed tourists traveling to the region for next year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan. (Kyodo)