Modern Tantanmen at Gold Scorpion in Kamiyacho


With a name right out of an 80s adventure movie, Gold Scorpion (Kinkatsu) dishes out deliciously modern tantanmen. They’ve got fantastic variety too – from soupless to tsukemen style.

Modern Tantanmen

You have to start with their signature tantanmen. It’s the perfect balance of gold sesame goodness and tingly spiciness.

Tantanmen: ¥900

Choose your spice level, from 1-3. Level 3 is very manageable – you’ll just taste more of the shibire numbing pepper.

The fairly oily broth has a shrimp accent too – a more recent addition. Relatively thin noodles round out this dish.

Soupless Tantanmen

The soupless tantanmen is a totally different experience. It might be my favorite – the El Dorado gold.

Soupless Tantanmen: ¥780

It’s more more nutty and creamy than the tantanmen with soup. Fatter noodles help you mop up the oil.

You again get to choose 1-3 for your spice level.

Tantan Tsukemen

Shall we separate the broth from the soup? Why not? Note that you’ll have to wait a bit longer for them to prepare the thicker and fatter tsukemen noodles.

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