The Power of Rom-Com Love Saved a Mangaka’s Life

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Volume 10 cover

When I think about the seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump, the series from that magazine that come to my mind are Kingdom, Tokyo Ghoul, and Golden Kamuy.

Lately, there’s another title from Young Jump I wish I got into earlier and it’s Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. I read Volume 1 a long while back and while I thought it was funny, I put it to the side. After the anime aired and seeing footage of a live-action move adaptation, I decided to jump back into Kaguya-sama. I slowly fell in love as I saw how much of its humor reminded me of Gintama. All of the characters go through so much growth by themselves and via their relationships with one another.

I also discovered this comment from the series’ mangaka, Aka Akasaka, who talked about his feelings regarding Kaguya-sama being an anime. His words are a strong reminder of how much anime/manga means so much to fans.

From Volume 11, Chapter 110 (this is just a translation of the original Japanese text):

“It was 16 years ago on the day of May 25, 2002.

One Sunday night, I was staying up later than usual, reading Slam Dunk to escape reality. I casually turned on the TV and, to my surprise, there was anime playing so late at night. I had always thought of it as innocent cartoons for children and I certainly didn’t think there would be romantic comedy anime that shone a light on love between boys and girls.

Ever since that day, my life became a lot more enjoyable. Whenever I turned on the TV late at night, there would be anime playing. My heart would pound in excitement waiting for every week’s broadcast and I would despair if I weren’t able to record an episode when …continue reading