Capsule Hotels: Minimalist, Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

It’s past midnight, and you just missed the last train. A hotel is out of the question, much too pricey, but you definitely want more privacy than a tiny cubicle in a manga cafe. What’s a cheapo to do? That’s where the capsule hotel comes in.
First built by Kisho Kurokawa in Osaka in 1979, capsule hotels consist of pod-like rooms—if you can call them rooms, as they’re more like compartments—stacked together, providing the bare minimum in terms of space and amenities. Not for nothing are they also sometimes known as sleep pods, cube hotels or cubicle hotels: they’re snug. Inside, there’s just enough room for a person to crawl inside, lie down, and (maybe) sit up (if you’re tall, this might be impossible)

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