Kishiwada Danjiri festival (September festival) 2019

The Danjiri Float Festival is said to have its origin in Inari-Sai (Festival of the Grain God), which had been held to pray for a rich harvest of grain by Load Nagayasu Okabe, the then feudal lord of Kishiwada Castle during the Genroku Era (1688 – 1704). On those days the castle gate was opened to the public and the townspeople pull Danjiri into the castle ground to show various performances to the Lord.
Later, this festival became the whole events for three villages called SANGO, that is, for merchants, farmers and fishermen. It was really the great for a number of townspeople and greatly supported by them.
Int he old days, “Kishiwada Kentka Maturi” (The Fighting Festival) became the festival’s unofficial name as the exitement turned to competition, and each Danjiri raced and sometimes collided and crashed.
Danjiri Matsuri, whose tradition more than 300 years is the very pride of Kishiwada townspeople, is held on Saturday and Sunday, previous days of Respect for the Aged Day (Monday) of every year with 34 Danjiris playing a soul-stirring and heroic show in the castle town. Today in Japan, we can’t find out similar festivals which are so traditional and cultural as the scale seen in Kishiwada Festival that is excellently managed under orderly control.

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