Oh to be Pre Loved with Style
So vintage style is what we celebrate in this post early September, ahead of
the LFW season, a celebration of summer style in London, with fashion that is
tried and tested and here to stay.
Vintage style doesn’t die. It gets a chance to play and have fun touching our
lives with its history. Pre loved. You’ll here these words used more these days
because its very true. Items that are Vintage are just that. Pre Loved because
unlike today with fast fashion and consumerism, perviously, fine fashion clothing
was made with love. Something any vintage fashion loving fan can tell you is true,
because you feel it. We hope you feel that love in these images
we captured just for you. Enjoy.

Who says we don’t try and look after you? We actually found someone young
and Japanese in London for you. This is the lovely Wataru Yano. She wears
a top from Uniglo, a jacket from Mango, trousers by John Lauwence Sullivan.
This is Rina from Japan dressed head to toe in early 1970s vintage items
Now we LOVE this woman. How would you feel if your mum looked this cool?
Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.
This is super stylish Noi from Thailand. She wears a hoodie from BOY London,
a dress from Cos, a purse by Gucci with flat sandals by Fendi.
Fancy feet in Fendi’s magical slippers
Here’s the lovely vinatage fan Lydia Ngo, from …continue reading