A Late Berserk Fan Sees What Makes It Worthwhile

Casca from Berserk Volume 40

For so many years, I’ve been wanting to get into Berserk and been told that it’s one of the greatest manga stories ever.

I bought the Official Guidebook last year and loved pretty much all of it. It also gave me a good reason to start the journey of reading Berserk with the events of Volume 39 and onward.

And wow, getting to see a much beloved female character regain stability in 2019 after many years of waiting from fans (probably a huge understatement) was refreshing.

Of course, things will always be complicated as Casca and Guts’ relationship is still messy. Casca seeing Guts and having all the memories of her experiences during the Eclipse played back in her mind makes me see how time may not heal all the wounds she’s suffered. At the same time, Casca still loves Guts and vice versa.

Don’t you hate it when people tell you after a traumatizing experience to give it time and you will be just fine? It’s hard to blame them for saying such things because they can’t stand dealing with pain themselves. They don’t want to imagine that what you went through could happen to them or anyone they’re close to. Some things are so bad to the point that we can’t just “move on.”

It’s a very cliche thing to say that time heals everything because honestly, what matters is how you use that time. It’s okay to say that you can’t move on. You can move forward with the pain in your heart. I’m hoping to see Casca become distracted in a good way with Farnese, Scheirke, Isidro, Puck, Serpico, and the other people that have helped Guts stay connected despite the guilt he carries.

This all reminds me of a recovery process for …continue reading