Star Ghost Agency Web Novel Chapter 1-0

Source: Supaku Blog

Author Note: This is a new web novel series I’ll be starting. Here’s the introductory chapter.

Since the Japan Self Defense Force is politically restricted on deploying their forces anywhere around the world, the

government secretly created a special ghost force that is mainly tasked to indirectly protect Japan from any secret

international threat. They are called the Star Ghost Agency.

My name is Naoko Matsuda. We’ve been following an unknown ghost cult and ended up discovering an unmarked port

warehouse that has been doing suspicious activities. I got temporarily assigned to lead a 8 man assault squad to raid and

investigate it. This is our raid operation.

Raid Mission
Unmarked Port Warehouse, Tokyo, Japan

“This is Star Echo 1, we are ready to raid the targeted warehouse. Over.”, I said making contact to HQ.

“Observing from our inferred heat scanners, there are 4 cloaked hostiles equipped with the common Ak-47s.”

“HQ has granted permission. You are clear to engage, Star Echo Squad. Good luck.”, a female coordinator answered.

“Affirmative. We will now commence engagement” , I replied.

I quietly said weapons free to my squad and started the count down.

In…. 3…. 2….. 1….

We broke the door and I threw in a flashbang. After the effect, we charged in the warehouse and started firing.

But, one of the hostiles casts a magical shield spell.

“What? How did magic get here?!?”, a squad mate shouted.

When we started to ran out of normal bullet round on suppressing fire against the magical shield, we slowly fell back and

took cover. The four hostiles started return fire.

But, fortunately, we came prepared. I commanded my squad to switch to anti-magic rounds.

After switching and reloading rounds, we began firing back and penetrated through their shield.

Three of the hostiles got down to …continue reading