Mental Health, Cosplay, Drama, Fujoshi! – The Anime NYC 2019 Experience


I just survived another hectic Anime NYC and this year’s event continues to be an amazing event for all anime fans living in the NY area involved. Also, this con recap post is going to be very different from the usual posts as this is going to be a very personal one.

This year was the first time I became an exhibitor in any convention setting. I helped out Anime for Humanity in handing out their prized Anime Therapy Kits for attendees. It was a bit nerve-wrecking at first as I came in on Friday after work and had to get into things real quick, but my fellow volunteers were helpful in lighting the way.

I was amazed at the amount of people who came by and asked what Anime for Humanity does. There were a decent number of mental health professionals that attended who praised us for what we do. I’ve been waiting for something like Anime for Humanity for a long time now as I don’t have the resources/knowledge to build my own organization.

There’s one experience I’ll talk about while helping AFH that touched my heart. I decided to do a bit of networking outside of the booth at a photo shoot for cosplayers with physical and cognitive disabilities. While there were mishaps, the shoot happened. I got a chance to talk to the organizer and her friend after the shoot about AFH and gave them the Anime Therapy Kits. They both were grateful for hearing about how such an organization exists.

The organizer’s friend, who turned out to be a doctor working in behavioral health, told me that it was people like me that make her job worthwhile. I was speechless because it’s professionals like her that are the real heroes. I’m reminded of …continue reading