Star Ghost Agency Web Novel Chapter 1-2

Source: Supaku Blog

I’ve started to realize about something. Captain Naoko appears to be a young kid.

“Wait… Aren’t you too young to be a hero and ghost agent?” I said to him.

“How old do you think I am?”, Naoko quickly replied.


“I’m age 22. I guess you could call me a “shota”.”, Naoko laughed.

“Shota? Oh, it’s the male version of loli.” I thought aloud.

“Yes.”, he slowly nodded.

“Do you have a hero weapon?”, I asked moving for another topic.

“Yes, I do. But, I don’t like it.”, Naoko replied.


“When I use it, the legendary magical weapon will transform me into a girl.” he blushed embarrassingly.

“Oh? Can you show it to me once please?” I smirked and begged at him.

“Okay. Fine.”

Naoko then chants “I summon you, Mystin”.

Then a blue bright magical circle appears on the ground and a blue bow came out of it.

Naoko grabs the bow and then got transformed into a girl. Although, his outfit did not change like a magical girl’s.

While I stared at Naoko, he really looks like a cute young girl. She has nice silky long hairs, some breasts

and other girly features.

But, I unfortunately couldn’t touch her because I’m still laying on the bed.

“Is your gender fully changed?”, I hesitantly said to her.

“Yes…”, female Naoko said in a sad tone.

After she replied, I then quickly realized that her voice is also a girl’s voice.

“You went from shota to loli…”, I laughed very hard.

“Yes….”, Naoko blushed and looked away.

“Do you know why that weapon turns you into a girl?”, I then asked.

“Apparently, the bow was created by a Goddess and transforms any hero wielder into a girl.”, Naoko stated.

“Could I wield it and transform too?”

“No, only chosen heroes can wield it.”, she said.

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