Don’t Make Time a Wicked Witch (Witch Hat Atelier)

eWitch Hat Atelier Vol.2 passage 1
Witch Hat Atelier Vol.2 passage 2

“If you want to help out here and now, I suggest you reconsider what purpose magic serves.”

I’ve been reading Witch Hat Atelier (a very beautiful manga and one of manga’s current underrated gems) and I can’t help but share this passage above to you all.

I’m sure many of us, when we were kids, wanted to prove that we can be the best at whatever we wanted to do/be. At times, we will often clash with teachers/peers with more knowledge that we can do just fine.

We usually fall flat during the learning process. Sometimes, we rush too hard to grow to prove something to other people. This is the context with the character Agott above. She’s in conflict with the main character, Coco, as the latter comes into the world of magic with no prior training and accidentally used forbidden magic to boot. Agott tests Coco in order to drive her out, but Coco manages to succeed.

Agott is also driven by insecurities from her past where she was compared to her mother. She is noted by her teacher, Qifrey, that she wants to grow fast to prove her superiority to other people. Agott studies magic to an intense degree in order to become the best. She doesn’t take the time to appreciate what she has now.

To give more context to the scene above, a disaster happens where a bridge collapses on a carriage full of villagers that leaves them stranded in a river with a heavy current. The group of witches that Agott is a part of is asked to save them. Agott volunteers to help since she gets a chance to gain real-world experience. However, when asked to do a simple task, Agott …continue reading