Star Ghost Agency from Another World Web Novel Chapter 1-3

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11/26 Author Note: To add more description, title has been updated from Star Ghost Agency > Star Ghost Agency from Another World. Also, Table of Contents and Synopsis is created.

Raid Mission
Unmarked Port Warehouse, Tokyo, Japan

“Star Echo 3, you are assigned to take command on warehouse site because Star Echo 1 and 2 are gone.”, a female coordinator stated.

“Roger. This is Star Echo 3. I read you.”, Star Echo 3 replied.

“Did you find you find any leads?”, the female coordinator questioned.

“Negative. We have only found weapon stash.”

“Okay. Please retrieve the weapon stash and wait for the prison security transport crew to arrive.”, the female coordinator ordered.


In half an hour, two stealth choppers came to the warehouse site and landed near.

The security transport crew came out of the second chopper and greeted Star Echo 3. As for the crew itself, they are three agents armed with M9 pistols and batons.

“Hello. This is Security 1. We’ll take the two prisoners.”, Security 1 introduced himself.

“Thank you. We’ll be leaving them in your care. Just to let you know, the prisoners are magic users and are suppressed with anti-magic handcuffs”, Star Echo 1 informed.


After the prisoners and weapon stash got retrieved, the two stealth choppers started taking off to the air.

Echo squad’s chopper activated a portal in the air and went through. After their portal closes, the prison chopper activated its own portal and went through.

But, during the prison chopper’s portal transport, the wormhole became unstable and got them to the wrong area when they came out of the other side.

“This is prison transport chopper pilot, we have been transported the wrong coordinates in Arthia.”, the pilot emergency contacted …continue reading