Hells of Beppu – Japan’s Incredible Hot-Spring Experience

The 8 Hells of Beppu, Japan's incredible hot-spring experience

Visiting the 8 Hells of Beppu – An Introduction

Visit Beppu - home to hot-springs and the 8 hells, a unique tourist attraction only found in Japan!

No visit to Kyushu would be complete without a stop in the famous spa city of Beppu. Beppu is a place that appears as if it’s about ready to blow at any moment, as steam rises from the ground throughout the city. A steady stream of tourists arrive throughout the year to visit the famous hot springs. There are many public bathhouses you can go to, in addition to hotel hot springs known as onsens. Aside from the type of onsen you bathe in, one of Beppu’s biggest attractions is the “Jigoku Meguri”, otherwise known as the “Hell Tour.”

The eight hells of Beppu are natural hot spring sites, and each one has been converted into a stand-alone attraction. Six of the hells are situated on the same site, so can be reached easily on foot. The other two are next door to each other, a few minutes’ drive away. If you’re not driving there are also regular sightseeing buses you can ride which travel between the two sites. Although the tours are conducted in Japanese, there is good English signage throughout along with English language printed guides.

The entrance fee to visit all eight hells is 2100 yen per person. I think it’s quite fun to visit them all and collect the souvenir stamps from each of them. Below is some more information about what you can expect to see at each spot!

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