McDonald’s Japan’s Newest Dessert is Literally Called an Adult Cream Pie

Source: Gaijin Pot

McDonald’s Japan is raising eyebrows again with its newest dessert called the Otona no Kuriimu Pai (adult cream pie). In this case, otona, which translates to “adult” in English, is meant to suggest the taste is sophisticated or made specifically for an adult palate. But we all know the NSFW connotation “adult cream pie” has in the western world.

It’s debatable whether McDonald’s Japan knew its new campaign could easily be mistaken for a Pornhub category or if this is just another case of poor Japanese to English translation. Considering McDonald’s “accidentally” sexually suggestive cups from last year, I’m convinced their marketing director is trolling us all on an expert level.

Photo: Aaron Baggett
As messy as youd expect a creampie to be.

You would assume a franchise as big as Mcdonald’s would at least run the ad by an English speaker before going public. You would assume, yes, but if that were the case there wouldn’t be infinite examples of corporate “Engrish” out in the wild. Remember when Pizza Hutt asked customers, “don’t you hungry?

To be fair, 大人 (otona) is often used on candy and snack packaging to sell the aforementioned “adult” taste. Most Japanese people wouldn’t bat an eye at “otona no cream pie.”

Perhaps Mcdonald’s Japan predicted its main demographic wouldn’t notice or care. The word adult, pronounced adaruto (アダルト) is used for Japanese porn rather than otona, after all. It’s still pretty hard to believe anyone with internet access doesn’t know what a “cream pie” is, though.

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