Ramen Mogi: Meaty Dumpling Ramen

Source: 5amramen.com

Ramen Mogi (ラーメン茂木) ticks all the boxes. It’s family run and has a simple interior. Most importantly though, it serves huge bowls of meaty dumpling ramen.

Surprisingly Richer Broth at Ramen Mogi

The most basic ramen starts at an affordable ¥650. It has a classic appearance. But under those classic toppings lies a mischievous, hard-hitting soup.

Wontonmen (Dumpling Ramen) : ¥900

The soup is is pork bones, chicken bones, onions and other vegetables. It’s the pork bone usage that stands out – this is a thick and rich soup.

Mogi Ramen with Takana
After adding extra Takana

Order some takana (pickled and spicy mustard seeds) and you’ll be happy you did. The takana do a great job of cutting through the rich soup and adding a little dose of heat.

Dumplings, Chashu to Die For

The dumplings at Ramen Mogi are other-worldly. They’re thick on the outside and juicy on the inside. There’s nothing worse than dumplings with little meat in them. This is not the case here.

Mogi Ramen - Dumplings

The pork belly slices are fatty and beautifully seasoned. They melt in your mouth like ice cream on a hot summer day.

Trained at Yotsuya Top Ramen Shop

The master chef prepares each bowl himself and his wife helps with everything else. Before opening his doors, he trained at Kouya, argugably …continue reading