Kita-Sando Ramen: Fresh Newcomer Regamen

Kita-Sando Ramen - Shoyu

Kita-Sando ramen – there isn’t a whole a lot of ramen in the area. But newcomer shop Mensai Regamen (麺菜 Regamen) brings some freshness to the Kita-Sando ramen scene.

Pork Back Fat Shoyu Ramen

Regamen has a relatively big ramen menu. But locals love their shoyu ramen, especially when it’s topped off with pork back fat.

Customize your pork back level – pictured is regular. If you’d prefer a less gloopy bowl, the standard shoyu ramen has your name on it.


The golden noodles are thick, moist and remind of Kitakata-style.

Creamy Chicken with Scallops

Tori paitan (thick chicken ramen) is another ramen that Regamen serves. But the twist is using scallops.

Alongside the chicken bones, the scallops are omnipresent in the broth. Two scallop toppings drive it home. Finally, mizuna and negi freshly cut through the creamy broth.

Regamen conveniently has English and Chinese menus. We’re lucky that the Kita-Sando landscape has another ramen restaurant.

Shop Hours: 11:30 am ~ 4 pm / 6 pm ~ 9 pm (8 pm on Sat, Sun)

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