Get Your Taco Survival Kit In Japan: A Discussion with Chef Marco

Los Tacos Azules Get Your Taco Survival Kit In Tokyo: A Discussion with Chef Marco

Today, we’re really excited to introduce Los Tacos Azules and Chef Marco to our dear readers, this amazing Mexican fine dining chef is celebrating a unique take on Latin food in Japan. The cherry on top? You can even experiment with his cuisine—and enjoy it—from your own dining room table!

First of all, thank you for your time, Chef Marco! Can you please introduce yourself and give us a little background about Los Tacos Azules and your history here in Japan?

I was here in 2005 as an exchange student, studying international relations. One of the things that awed me the most during my stay was the quality of the food. Pretty much everything I tried was delicious, carefully prepared, even if you went to a cheap place you’d almost never get something bad. The standard was high, it seemed to me like it was a cultural thing.

When I went back home I missed food so much, not just Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Indian food… We had some restaurants in my hometown in Mexico but they felt miles away quality-wise. If I wanted to eat those delicious things I fell in love with during my stay in Japan, I had to learn to cook them myself. Soon, my dreams of becoming a diplomat dissipated and I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to cooking.

I started getting curious about applying the things I learned, especially Japanese cuisine’s attention to detail and focus on the quality of the ingredients, to the cooking of my country. I grew up eating delicious homemade cooking in Mexico, but I felt that the stuff they sold at restaurants in my hometown sucked. It wasn’t nearly as good as the things I tried in Japan.

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