Suidobashi Ramen – Velvety Chicken Ramen at Kaguraya


Suidobashi ramen shop Kaguraya (かぐら屋) is a champion of chicken ramen. They have 2 ramen shops, both offering rich or light savory chicken ramen.

Top Suidobashi Ramen

Kaguraya’s original ramen shop (かぐら屋) focuses on a shoyu (soy sauce seasoning). The shoyu is steeped in chicken thigh, katsuobushi, saba bushi, niboshi (all fish), and kelp.

On top of this tangy base, you have a choice of a light or heavy broth (tori paitan).

Outside Original Shop

The rich chicken ramen has a velvety flavor. The soup is premium Daisen whole chickens, chicken bones and fresh vegetables.

Suidobashi Ramen - Kaguraya Tori Paitan
Rich Chicken Ramen with Egg: ¥930

I normally don’t use condiments that much. But with this ramen style, I do. They have three-type pepper, garlic chips, raiyu chili oil, vinegar, and homemade spice powder.

Suidobashi Ramen - Kaguraya Noodles

Among toppings, the chicken chashu with grilled skin is particularly nice. Lastly, thin and straight noodles assist you in mopping up that milky broth.

Second Shop – All About Shio

Their second shop, Tori Soba Kaguraya (鶏そば かぐら屋) switches it up, using a shio (salt) …continue reading