Experience of making sushi for parents and children-Making sushi

Since the end of January, when corona has spread, we are unable to meet our customers due to out-of-going regulations, and our school principal, “Principal Yasuyuki Umemori,” and other teachers are all very sad.

However, I want to connect with everyone with a smile because it is such a time! With the thought, “I wanted to connect with you by doing an online sushi school and started an online version of Umemori Sushi School as a new service.

The experience is “laughing! Sharing a smile!”
It is an experience that connects the world with many people and connects them with a smile to make the world a smile!
It is said that immunity increases when humans laugh! To blow away dark feelings and become a smile. When “Share” smile time with everyone. Let’s create a chain of smiles!
Experience traditional sushi through traditional Japanese food “Sushi” Umemori Sushi School Online version 1 I would like to experience sushi making with many people while calling out to “Raschai” at ZOOM I think.
Since it is online, not only family participation, but also grandpa and grandmother gifts to experience online with grandchildren, and participate with friends overseas. The charm is that you can share your smile time regardless of location or distance!

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⏪ It is not possible to make advance reservations for each experience. First-come-first-served basis
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