Fuunji Ramen and Tsukemen – Worth the Hype?

Source: 5amramen.com
Fuunji Ramen Shinjuku - Tsukemen Noodles

Shinjuku ramen shop Fuunji (風雲児) is famous for its rich tsukemen. With ramen rock star status, they’re popular with locals and tourists alike. But is Fuunji worth the hype and wait? Here’s my take!

Fuunji – Some Background

After opening in 2007, it was clear that Fuunji was special. Its story is intriguing. Coming from an Italian cuisine background, owner Miyake-san never had any formal ramen training.

Fuunji Ramen - Miyake-san
Miyake-san front and center

While ramen is on the menu, they’re best known for their savory tsukemen (dipping ramen). Furthermore, they were instrumental in helping usher in the era of modern tsukemen. What’s the big deal about their modern tsukemen? Let’s dive in!

Order the Tsukemen

I mentioned “modern tsukemen”. This tsukemen is the thicker, richer soup style that’s most common today. Fuunji’s tsukemen soup is chicken bones, iwashi (sardines) from the Seto Inland Sea, katsuobushi (bonito fish flakes) from Kouchi, and konbu (kelp).

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