Japan’s most relaxing coffee chain

goo Ranking asked their readership to choose the most relaxing coffee shop chain in Japan.

Looking at the top three, when I lived in Kansai a friend of mine would post Facebook updates from Komeda Coffee, of which I was rather jealous as there were none near me, so when I moved to Tokyo I was keen to try, but the only one I’ve been to was a bit of an anticlimax.

Starbucks is often the very opposite of relaxing as there is often people busy talking on the phone, although I know of two in my town that are usually phone-free, and as long as I don’t think too much about the price they are quite relaxing; the French press of freshly-ground beans in particular is good.

Of all the Doutors I’ve been in, only one was approaching nice, let alone relaxing. However, the cheap coffee keeps me coming back.

My most relaxing is Tully’s; I’ve never been in a bad one and their plain latte is good value, but Saint Marc’s gets most of my business; there’s one the station before the office, so if I’m early in the morning, it’s just right to perk up and wind down with a hot coffee before work.

Where’s your most relaxing coffee?

Ranking result

Q: Which is the most relaxing coffee chain? (Sample size=2,184)

Rank Votes
1 Komeda Coffee 550
2 Starbucks Coffee 284
3 Doutor Coffee Shop 215
4 Hoshino Coffee 141
5 Tea Room Renoir 116
6 Tully’s Coffee 115
7 Saint Marc Cafe 88
8 Ueshima Coffee 67
9 Cafe Veloce 64
10 Kohikan 57
11 Excelsior Cafe 29
12 Musashi no Mori Coffee 26
13 Kurashiki Coffee 22
13 Inoda Coffee 22
15 Kona’s coffee 21
15 Ogawa Coffee 21
17 Tsubakiya 19
18 Cafe de Crie 15
19 Marufuku Coffee 14
20 PRONTO 12
20 Miyakoshiya Coffee 12
22 Tetsugaku Coffee 10
23 Motomachi Coffee 8
23 Sakai Coffee 8
23 Excelsior Cafe Barista 8
26 UCC Cafe Plaza 7
26 Coffee House Chat Noir 7
26 Saza Coffee 7
29 Seattle’s Best Coffee 6
29 CAFE DI ESPRESSO Coffee House 6
29 Cafe La Mille 6
32 Holly’s Cafe 5
33 Cafe Colorado 4
33 Blue Bottle Coffee 4
33 Moriba Coffee 4
33 Greenberry Coffee 4
37 Becks Coffee Shop 3
37 Segafredo Sanetti Espresso 3
39 Espresso Americano 2
40 Other 172


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