Tokyo Ramen Street – Top 3 To Visit

Tokyo Ramen Street - Signboard

Tokyo Ramen Street under Tokyo Station houses 8 wildly different ramen shops. Not sure which to visit? I’ve eaten at all of them many times over. From creamy dipping style ramen to spicy tantanmen, here are my top 3 on Tokyo Ramen Street.

1. Rainbow Ramen at Soranoiro NIPPON

This is probably my favorite on Tokyo Ramen Street. What I love about Soranoiro Nippon (ソラノイロNIPPON) is that their ramen has been bold and adventurous from the very beginning.

Tokyo Ramen Street - Soranoiro Vegan Tantanmen

They’re also the perfect stop if you want variety. Take your pick – light shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, gluten free shio (salt) ramen, spicy vegan tantanmen, and more! But my personal favorite is their rainbow-colored “veggie soba” (below).

I believe this ramen is their most complex and compelling. It even got them nods from Michelin. The carrot-puree broth is creatively delicious, with clam extract, butter, and soy milk adding some punch.

In addition, they use fresh, seasonal vegetables as toppings and the unique noodles are made from smoked paprika. Bold, adventurous, and amazing.

Shop Hours: 8:30 ~ 23:00 (Last Order at 22:30)

#2 Creamy Niboshi Ramen at Gyoku

Gyoku (らーめん玉) combines the creaminess …continue reading