Trending In Tokyo: Let The Choco-Mint Mania Begin!

Trending In Tokyo: Let The Choco-Mint Mania Begin! Gari gari kun rich choco mint

Choco-Mint. It’s another one of those food combinations that will divide opinion—you either love it or you hate it. After debating this topic with some family members and friends, the opinions were broad and surprising, to say the least. Some expressed nothing but love and true loyalty towards mint chocolate, while others stated that it would be their last choice and compared it with the likes of toothpaste. Strangely enough, there were even those who explained that while not being a fan of choco-mint itself (in the form of chocolate) they do enjoy the refreshing taste of mint chocolate ice cream.

Whether you’re a mint chocolate fanatic or a mint chocolate avoider, I say there’s no harm in trying out the following products to help you get through the season. You never know—you may see yourself changing sides and join in on the mint chocolate craze!

Choco-Mint Snacks and Treats

Step foot into your local supermarket or convenience store and you will be spoilt for choice with the number of mint chocolate snacks and treats that are currently stocked on the shelves. Definitely worth a try!

Rich Choco Mint Gari Gari Kun

Gari Gari Kun is a well-known ice candy in Japan and is loved by many. Over the years, they have released many unusual flavors such as ‘Neapolitan pasta’ and ‘Tamagoyaki’ which, of course, is not appetizing to everyone. But a flavor that is popular and has made a comeback this summer is mint chocolate! You’ll love the refreshing taste of this mint popsicle laced with chocolate flecks.

Country Ma’am Choco Mint Cookies

Trending In Tokyo: Let The Choco-Mint Mania Begin! Country ma'am mint

Produced by Fujiya, a Japanese confectionery company, Country Ma’am …continue reading