Savvy Sips: Ginger-Genmai Gin and Tonic

Savvy Sips: Ginger-Genmai Gin and Tonic Bar Spoon

We have all been in #stayhome mode for a while now and even though things are starting to reopen around Tokyo, bars and such are still not an option for many of us! So let’s dive into another DIY cocktail you can easily make in a simple home bar.

June in Japan is a synonym for tea picking season and when green tea is at its finest—so this month’s offering is a play on a gin and tonic, with a bit of ginger and a great punch from green tea. In this addition to our series, I will also recommend 2 basic bar tools and some substitutions you can use. Let’s dive right in!

How To home-bar kit

To make your own home bar kit, you do not need anything too elaborate: use what you have! It will all work out in the end. Our cocktail today is a stirred cocktail—so no James Bond vibe here!—assembled right in the glass, so no shaker is required—but here are a few tools to make bartending easier.

Bar Spoon

The best bar spoons are long, slender, and make it easy to stir your ice in the glass and gently mix your ingredients. Fortunately, they are not costly. I recommend the type with the fork on one end to make it two tools in one—savvy tip! Most bar spoons have a spiral shaft for layered cocktails and to help the spoon glide more smoothly in your hand while you’re stirring.

Substitution option: No bar spoon, no worries! It is not so easy to use a regular spoon in a cocktail glass full of ice, but what works great is a long cooking chopstick. These are easy to find in a 100 yen store—or any supermarket.

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