Manpuku – Classic Ramen in Ginza Since 1929

Manpuku Ramen in Ginza - Outside

Open since 1929, Manpuku (萬福) in Ginza is one of Tokyo’s oldest ramen restaurants, if not the oldest. Curious what ramen tasted like in the 20s? Manpuku is your best bet!

Manpuku – Almost 100 Years of History

They started out as a food stall in the 1920s, eventually becoming a restaurant in 1929. They once served yoshoku (Japanese Western food). But somewhere down the line it became about Chinese food, and this included ramen.

Manpuku Ramen in Ginza - Menu

What to Order – Chuukasoba

They still serve gyoza and various Chinese stir-fried dishes. But ordering their chuukasoba (ramen) is essential. It’s history concentrated in a bowl. The shoyu (soy sauce) seasoned broth is slightly sweet and simple tasting.

Manpuku Ramen in Ginza - Ramen
Chuukasoba: ¥700

But it’s wholesome and while relatively light, has just enough syrupy richness from animal bones. They don’t use any fish in the broth – fish didn’t make its way into ramen until later.

The toppings are classic through and through – menma, negi, spinach, naturo, and firmer chashu pork. What stands out most is their bright yellow, trademark topping …continue reading