Parco Ramen – WAGYU Tantanmen at Jikasei Mensho

Parco Ramen Jikasei Mensho - Inside

PARCO Ramen in Shibuya – Jikasei Mensho serves premium wagyu tantanmen to you in a ramen cup, not a bowl. They also serve sesame-based vegan tantamnen.

Ramen Served in a Cup?

The latest Mensho group outpost, Jikasei Mensho is located in Shibuya’s new PARCO department store. Their sleek and modern interior matches the colossal, shiny complex. You also order your ramen (and tantanmen) from a tablet.

Furthermore, instead of a standard ramen bowl, your ramen arrives in a tall plastic cup. The thinking is that the flavors are better distributed with the smaller space at the top.

Parco Ramen Jikasei Mensho - Wagyu Tantanmen
Cup Tantanmen

In addition, all the aromas are that much closer to your nose (with the taller height).

Premium Wagyu Tantanmen

Jikasei Mensho is all about WAGYU tantanmen. Choose accordingly:

  • Soup or Soupless Tantanmen (base)
  • With or without Wagyu (toppings)
Tantanmen with Soup, Wagyu

The tantanmen is thick, well-balanced and delicious. There’s more of a sesame creaminess than a chili oil kick. The toppings appropriately match the smaller surface area too – including mini bok choy and dried baby shrimp.

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