5 Tokyo Fashion Trends That Are Taking Over Summer 2020

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 Blue Shirt Dress

New Season=New Trends

While it is completely understandable that fashion may not particularly be a priority—especially as we’re living in pretty challenging times—, clothes can actually be quite important during this troubling time. By this, I mean to say that fashion can actually be good for our mental wellbeing and uplift us emotionally. After all, what we wear helps us to express who we are and plays a part in how we feel. Let’s get straight into it and take a look at these top 5 versatile Tokyo summer fashion trends!

The keyword is versatile, meaning you’ll be able to play around and create different looks with these fashion items and it will definitely last you the entire season. Get ready to look totally chic and cool this summer!

1. Shirt dresses

A shirt dress is a summer wardrobe essential. Everyone really should own at least one shirt dress because a) it’s a timeless piece that will never go out of style and b) it’s extremely versatile. It can be worn to fit the office dress code but can also be thrown on for a casual day out.

Bright Broad Shirt Dress by Adam Et Ropé Le Magasin Women | ¥5,445 (50% off ¥10,890)

top-5-tokyo-summer-fashion-trends-2020 White Shirt Dress

Tent Dress by Jeanasis | ¥4,389 (50% off ¥8,800)

Savvy Styling Tip

You can never really go wrong with opting for a classic white shirt dress and accessorizing it with some nice jewelry and a statement bag. For a casual look, team it with some white sneakers and an oversized summer hat. Pair it with some trousers and slip on your favorite, comfortable heels for the office. If you’re not too keen …continue reading