Japan’s Love Hotels: 10 Hotels To Suit Every Taste

Japan's Love Hotels: 10 Hotels To Suit Every Taste - Champagne bottle, candles, flowers on a bed in a hotel room

What do you do if you’ve found somebody special, but aren’t really digging the thought of bringing them back to your tiny apartment, in need of a spicy adventure in your love life, or on the look of a really special Staycation? Go to a love hotel (ラブホテル) of course!

What’s a Love Hotel again?

A love hotel is basically a facility that offers short stays—by the hour or for one night only. A rest or short stay can range from 2-4 hours and cost between ¥2,900-¥7,000 depending on the date, hotel, and room type. On the other hand, a stay or overnight can cost anywhere from ¥3,900 to well over ¥20,000. These prices are of course all before tax and don’t include any room service, extra amenities, or costume rentals.

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What should I be looking for?

Cost performance and availability are the three most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a love hotel.

Cost performance is obviously key—you want to get the most bang for your buck, (pun fully intended): cheaper isn’t always better, just as the most expensive love hotels aren’t always the most enjoyable either. Look for a hotel that offers the right kind of amenities for your needs and you’ll find ones with your perfect cost performance in no time.

Availability is also very important—the most popular hotels book up fast on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and White Day, as well as on long weekends.

To find love hotels around you in English, check out the listings on Booking.com under the category Love Hotels—they usually are …continue reading