You Should Learn These Basic Japanese Job Interview Questions

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Japanese To Prepare for a Job Interview

A few years back, when I was interviewing for what I thought was a typical English job, all of a sudden, the interviewer switched to Japanese. “I’m sorry,” I managed to spit out, surprised by the change of pace, “I wasn’t aware that this interview would have a Japanese part.” Instead of answering, he pointed to where it said on my resume, “proficient in Japanese.”

Regardless of the job you want in Japan, you have to think seriously about your キャリア (career) and what スキル (skills) you can offer your employer. Interviews can be daunting enough, even at the best of times, without the added complication of doing it in Japanese.

So while you press your most impressive interview clothes, remember that it’s never too late to cram some typical Japanese interview questions into your brain, just in case.

Breaking the ice at the interview

“Sure. I can answer that. First, how important are pants, really?”

Japanese interviews tend to dispense with the small talk that is common in western countries and get down to business straight away. There are generally three parts. The interview will start with questions about your Japanese level, then softball questions that most people could answer, and finish off with questions about the company itself and your attitude towards work. Here are some typical “introduction” questions.

English Japanese Romaji
Japanese level 日本語のレベル Nihongo no reberu
When did you come to Japan? いつ日本に来ましたか Itsu nihon ni kimashita ka?
Do you think you could work in the Japanese business environment? 日本の環境で働けますか Nihon no kankyou de hatarakemasu ka
Until when do you intend to live in Japan? いつまで日本に住むつもりですか Itsumade nihon ni sumu tsumori desu ka
Why do you want to work in Japan? どうして日本で働きたいのですか Doushite nihon de hatarakitai no desu ka

Describing yourself

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