Let’s Shop in Japan in Japanese!

Ohayō gozaimasu! Kyoo mo atsui desu.
Good morning! It’s hot here today too.

Today’s YT Live lesson topic is “Let’s shop in Japan in Japanese!”
Have you shopped in Japan before?
Do you know how to ask the different size or different color of an item?
I also introduced about the color names too.

Let’s check it out!

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Here are the phrases introduced in the lesson:

すみません Sumimasen

Excuse me! (when you call a shop staff)

これの、色違いありますか。Kore no, irochigai arimasu ka?

Do you have a different color of this item?

色 いろ iro: color
違い ちがい chigai: difference (btw, 間違い machigai means wrong)
色違い irochigai: different color

色バリエーション Color variation
  •   あお ao Blue
  • 水色 みずいろ mizuiro L. blue
  •   みどり midori Green
  • 黄緑 きみどり kimidori L. green
  • 黄色 きいろ kiiro Yellow
  • あか aka Red
  • ピンク pinku Pink
  • しろ shiro White
  • くろ  kuro Black

Above color name as nouns. When change the color name (noun) to adjective, there are two ways (depend on the color):

  • add い(i) : あおい、きいろい、あかい、しろい、くろい
  • add の ~technically, it’s not adjective, but when modify a noun, use this way. It’s applicable to all colors.
    However for the above 5 colors, we tend to use 〜い form

Usage: あおいくるま blue car, あかいはな red flower, くろいかみ black hair

これの、小さいサイズはありますか。Kore no, chiisai saizu wa arimasu ka?

Do you have a small size (of this)?

これの、大きいサイズはありますか。Kore no, ookii saizu wa arimasu ka?

Do you …continue reading